Song of the Day: The Brilliance of Marty Friedman and Jørgen Munkeby

The new Marty Friedman album, Inferno, comes out on May 27, 2014 and there is a great track which features SHINING (NO)’s Jørgen Munkeby on saxophone and vocals.  It’s funny though, anyone who tries to match shredding with Marty usual loses.  Check out the track, “Meat Hook“:

Jørgen and Marty explain how the collaboration came about:

Song of the Day: THE OATH May Be the next GHOST

Extreme metal legend, Lee Dorian, has hit quite a few homeruns with his label, Rise Above Records, particularly with GHOST.  Well, it looks like he has another superstar band in the making with THE OATH.  Swedish guitarist Linnea Olsson and German vocalist Johanna Sadonis teamed up to write some excellent classic metal with a dark feel.

Check out the song, “All Must Die,” from their debut full-length, The Oath, which is out now.

Video of the Day: IMMORTAL’s Abbath Tears It Up with MOTORHEAD Tribute Band

Big time IMMORTAL nerds are aware that vocalist/guitarist Abbath also has a side project called BOMBERS.  The band is a great tribute to classic MOTORHEAD with Abbath doing the best impersonation of Lemmy possible.  Pretty awesome that BOMBERS has been around since ’96 and is still playing shows.

Check out this clip from a show they did in 2011.  They run through “No Class,” “Killed by Death,” “Jailbait,” and “I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)“:

National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) 2014 Show Report

The month of January brings excitement to the City of Anaheim every year, and the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) 2014 show is no exception!  Let’s cut to the chase this year!  A few highlights of the gazillions of musical instruments and gadgets are found below…enjoy!
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Song of the Day: MANES’ “Solve Et Coagula” Featuring SHINING’s Niklas Kvarforth

In 2009, Norway’s MANES put out a six-song compilation called Solve Et Coagula, which featured a new song plus old demo material from the band’s black metal days.  MANES got none other than the uber talented Niklas Kvaroforth from SHINING (SWE) to sing guest vocals for the title track.  [Update: The song also features XASTHUR's Malefic.  Thanks to MANES for the correction.  Proof that websites don't have all the answers.] Listen to this masterpiece of doom laden darkness:

Video of the Day: DARKANE’s New One for “Mechanically Divine”

Sweden’s melodic death/thrash kings, DARKANE, recently posted their new video for “Mechanically Divine.”  It’s more or less a standard metal video filmed inside an empty, darkened warehouse but who cares.  The song is very good and there is no typical metal video cheese.

If you haven’t done so already, check out their latest release, The Sinister Supremacy.  Good shit.

Video of the Day: TESTAMENT Takes Over Wacken 2012

Were you one of the lucky people over in Germany last year to watch TESTAMENT play a great set at Wacken 2012?  Well, most of us weren’t there so via the magic of the web, here is their entire set.

It’s great to see drum god Gene Hoglan with his drastic weight loss and still playing as great as ever.

In related news, TESTAMENT took some time to share their favorite Christmas memories while growing up.  Check out all the videos at their Youtube page.

Video of the Day: A Cult Classic from SACRAMENTUM

If you were into underground metal back in the late 90′s, then you were probably into an excellent Swedish band called SACRAMENTUM.  If DISSECTION were the number one Swedish black/death metal band, then SACRAMENTUM were the number two.  Back in 1996, the band had their classic debut, Far Away from the Sun, released on France’s Adipocere Records.  To this day, the album is untouchable.

Since Far Away from the Sun has been out of print for a long while, the good people at Century Media in Europe have recently reissued it with improved artwork and liner notes.  Additionally, they have released this previously unreleased video for “Fog’s Kiss.”

Video of the Day: CODE Dishes out British Black Metal With “Glimlight Tourist”

If you’re looking for a fresh sound in black metal, check out CODE‘s new album, Augur Nox.  These Brits have released a new video off of the album for “Glimlight Tourist.”  Check it out below.

These guys may not grace the cover of the big metal mags but who cares.  Do you really need to gush over the same bands rehashing their previous albums?