Celebrating 10 Years of APESHIT: The Genesis of APESHIT

2012 marks the 10th anniversary of APESHIT. It’s been a long ride and it’s pretty crazy to think we’ve done this thing for so long. Through hard work, stubbornness, sacrifice, and dedication to our vision, APESHIT has been able achieve many successes and victories while also outlasting many of our peers. We’ve been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work some of the most dedicated people in the industry as well as some of the greatest bands on the planet. Let’s take a look back at how it all began.

Back in 2002, I was two years removed from graduating from college with a useless degree and little career direction. I was in my second year of working for two of the biggest underground metal labels handling all aspects of their online presence. Yeah, I know it may sound like a metalhead’s dream come true but working for pennies isn’t exactly something to give you hope for a bright future.

I had known roycifer since college where we both had underground metal radio shows. He was one of the first djs in the U.S. to play all the albums from the, then blossoming, Norwegian black metal scene. After college, he took his self-taught web design skills to a professional level and had recently quit his long time radio show. We were both looking to not only take our love of metal to the next level but also help strengthen our resumes for a better professional future in the web. After one conversation, it was decided. We were going to launch our very own extreme music webzine.
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APESHIT Joins CircleTwitt, the New Metal Twitter Aggregator

APESHIT has been added to CircleTwitt, a recently launched metal Twitter aggregator that provides metal fans a single place to get their metal news and tweets.

Launched by Synhergy Entertainment and Lekberg Enterprises, the site gathers the latest tweets from metal personalities, bands, news sites, record labels, and more. Tweets are displayed in one convenient feed making it easy for users to get news directly from the world of metal. Readers don’t need to be Twitter users to use CircleTwitt, although the site allows Twitter users some additional features such as re-tweeting posts. CircleTwitt already has over 150 bands and industry twitterers, including APESHIT, with more being added regularly.

The site, which is also part of the Twitty 4 Hour News Network (T4HN), is currently working on releasing additional features that will allow users to leave comments on each tweet on the site. Soon, metal heads will also be given the opportunity be a part of the “circle pit” with all their favorite metal celebrities, bands, record labels, and more whenever the #circletwitt or #metal hashtag are used within updates on Twitter.

Check out CircleTwitt and APESHIT on CircleTwitt:

APESHIT 2.5 is Here! Welcome to the Redesign!

Welcome to the latest and greatest incarnation of APESHIT!

As you can see, we’ve moved a few things around and spiced up the look and feel.  This redesign has been in the works for quiet a while and we are happy to finally unveil it to the world.

The main goal behind the redesign was to, not only freshen up the look, but to convert the site into a blog format.  The reasons were simple… blog formats work well and are easy for people to use, navigate, and understand.  Plus, we are no longer limited to just news, reviews, and interviews.  There is room for all types of content so anything is possible.

But the work is never done.  Tweaks, adjustments, and enhancements will continue to happen as we evolve APESHIT alongside the fast-changing web and technology landscape, so that we can continue to bring you the all heavy shit that goes on in the extreme metal world.

Take a look around the new site.  Please drop us a comment and let us know what you think of the new layout.  If you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see us resurrect (forums, user ratings, translations), please don’t hesitate to tell us.  We look forward to hearing from you.