VED BUENS ENDE Calls it Quits Again

Norwegian avant garde band, VED BUENS ENDE, has called it a day once again after recently announcing their reformation. Here is official word from the band:

“Dear VBE freaks…

“I’m afraid we have given false hope to you all.

VED BUENS ENDE is no more. It’s dead and buried for good.

After a while of rehersing and writing new material, it became apparent that Vikotnic and myself have grown apart musically. Our styles have developed in different directions through the years passed since Written in Waters. The songs we wrote together for what was to become the new album became mediocre, and the songs we made each on our own became just too different. It would have become a very schizophrenic album if we’d continue, and none of us would have been happy with the outcome.

“As most of you probably know, Vikotnic‘s band DHG (DØDHEIMSGARD) is out with a new album. Supervillain Outcast is getting the attention it deserves, and will be a great success. So that’s were he’ll direct his focus from now on. Vikotnic will have his hands full for sure.

“As for myself, I am finished writing the material for the next VIRUS album. It will contain much of the material meant for what was to become the next VED BUENS ENDE record that I wrote.

VIRUS is very much in the same vein as VBE. The same style and genre, at least in regards to the experimental parts of what we did back in the Written in Waters days. It’s almost like a continuation of VBE.

“On VIRUS‘ debut album, Carheart, we fooled around with many different sorts of atmospheres. This time around it will become darker all the way through. And more fluent. The music kinda floats. A black flux. But we’ll for sure keep that absurd twist that became our trademark through our debut album.

“For those of you who know the Carheart album, one can compare the new stuff with the title track, ‘Road‘, ‘Hustler‘ and ‘Be Elevator‘. But of course, it’ll be a new album, so…

“The lineup in VIRUS will be the same as on the debut. Plenum on bass, Einar Esso on drums, and myself on vocals and guitars.

“We’ll start the recordings quite soon. I hope it’ll be finished early winter this year. Or late autumn. Maybe out in January ’08. We’re signing a deal with Season of Mist Records.

“We recorded a couple of songs (like a demo) in November last year, and we’ll post those songs as a ‘teaser’ as soon as we have mixed them.

“This VBE MySpace site will slowly mutate into being a VIRUS site. It won’t happen until we’re on a roll and the album release is approaching. In the meanwhile, you can check out our current site dedicated to the Carheart album on There are a couple of songs from the album there, check it out! Anyway, the album is obtainable through Jester Records, web only: or you can download it, of course. I’m down with that, I’m not Lars Ulrich.

“I`ll update this blog as soon as something happens.

“Next time boys, next time.


New DØDHEIMSGARD Album Now Streaming at

The much-anticipated new album from Norway’s groundbreaking and unique black metal band DØDHEIMSGARD entitled Supervillain Outcast will be out April 17th, 2007 on The End Records.

You can now hear the entire album in streaming format at by clicking here.

Supervillain Outcast (on Moonfog/The End Records) is DØDHEIMSGARD‘s follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 1999 release 666 International, a sonically-charged rollercoaster ride of avant-garde chaos and intense black metal drive and atmosphere. While most bands would be affected by such a lengthy downtime between releases, DHG‘ insatiable drive to reach new plateaus with their powerful aural assaults has kept the momentum going strong allowing Supervillain Outcast to serve up pure black metal anarchy.

You can pre-order the album at The End Records‘ mailorder site The Omega here.

FLEURETY Re-Record Two Early Tracks for 7″ Release

Norway’s FLEURETY have re-record two early songs, “Descent into Darkness” (from the 1993 demo, Black Snow) and “Absence” (originally released on the 1995 compilation album, Blackend). Runhild Gammelsæter (KHLYST, THOR’S HAMMER, SUNN 0)))) will be laying down vocals for the former track.

The line up for “Descent into Darkness” is:
Runhild Gammelsæter – vocals
Alexander Nordgaren – guitars
Necrobutcher – bass
Hellhammer – drums
Svein Egil Hatlevik – bypasser

The line up for “Absence” is:
Alexander Nordgaren – guitars
Svein Egil Hatlevik – vocals
Bjørge Eide Martinsen – drums
Plenum – bass

The 7″ will be released through Duplicate Records.

DHG (DØDHEIMSGARD) to Drop Supervillian Outcast on April 17th

Norway’s DHG (formerly DØDHEIMSGARD) will release their long-awaited fourth full-length album, Supervillain Outcast, on April 17th in North America through Moonfog/The End Records. The follow-up to 1999’s critically acclaimed 666 International, is described as “a sonically-charged rollercoaster ride of avant-garde chaos and intense black metal drive and atmosphere.”

The album track listing is as follows:
01: “Dushman
02: “Vendetta Assassin
03: “The Snuff Dreams Are Made Of
04: “Hororizon
05: “Foe X Foe
06: “Secret Identity
07: “The Vile Delinquents
08: “Unaltered Beast
09: “Apocalypticism
10: “Chrome Balaclava
11: “Ghostforce Soul Constrictor
12: “All Is Not Self
13: “Supervillain Serum
14: “Cellar Door
15: “21st Century Devil

The band have posted “Vendetta Assassin” for listening on the band’s official MySpace page.  Also on their MySpace page are some exclusive photos from a recent live show in Halmstad, Sweden.
DHG‘s current line-up is:
Vicotnik (Mr. Fixit)- guitars
Thrawn – guitars
Kvohst – vocals
Clandestine – bass
D’Arn – drums
Jormundgand – FX/synth