INTRONAUT – Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)

Intronaut - Habitual LevitationsIn a heavy music world of formulas, cliches, and the resulting unintentional comedy, INTRONAUT provide a welcome break and compelling excursion into their world. Habitual Levitations picks up where Valley of Smoke left off.  The songs are as proggy, sometimes jazzy, exploratory, and introspective as one would expect.  And in INTRONAUT tradition, nothing is predictable.  You haven’t heard these song structures and riffing patterns repeated by others so many times before.  Song uniquely evolve and you can’t predict what is next.

Dual clean vocals from guitarists Sacha Dunable and Dave Timmick are once again exclusively utilized throughout.  Speaking of guitar work, there are plenty of great guitar tones and effects that serve as ear candy for all the diverse guitar work going on.  One of the best rhythm sections in metal, Danny Walker and Joe Lester, continue to prove that they are operating on a higher plane.

Without a doubt, “The Welding,” is one of the band’s best songs.  It personifies everything that makes Habitual Levitations a good album – peaks and valleys, great musicianship, and soul.  “Sore Sight for Eyes” is also damn good with it’s TOOL intro riff, choice clean guitars, and great vocals.  Don’t get too upset at the band for the cocktease of SABBATH‘s “Children of the Grave” on “Eventual.”

As is the rule for all INTRONAUT albums, it takes time and the right kind of mood and mindset to fully understand and enjoy what they’ve done.  Give it time and the band will reward you.  Theoretically, you could discover a new part that you’ve never noticed before with each subsequent listen here.

When you are ready to travel elsewhere, take the journey with INTRONAUT.  (Century Media Records)

Video of the Day: INTRONAUT’s Sacha Dunable Joins MESHUGGAH on Stage

Today’s video of the day comes fresh from the current U.S. tour with MESHUGGAH, INTRONAUT, and ANIMALS AS LEADERS.  As a special treat, INTRONAUT frontman, Sacha Dunable, joined MESHUGGAH on lead vocals for a performance of the MESHUGGAH classic, “New Millenium Cyanide Christ” this past Tuesday in Atlanta, Georgia.

What an awesome performance.  The APESHIT goons are insanely proud of Sacha!

INTRONAUT: Album Number Four Details Announced

LA’s psychedelic, doom, progsters INTRONAUT are set to release their fourth album, Habitual Levitations, on March 19, 2013.   The new video for “Milk Leg” can be viewed below.  The 7″ of the song can be purchased here.

The band are currently on tour on headlining dates followed by a tour with MESHUGGAH and ANIMALS AS LEADERS.


INTRONAUT Hard at Work in the Studio

INTRONAUT, the post-metal prog act hailing from Los Angeles, has entered the studio to begin working on their fourth full length album.  Drums will be recorded by producer John Haddad at Trench Studios, while Derek Donley (BEREFT) will be handling recording duties for all other elements.  Andrew Schneider will be mixing the album and David D’Andrea will be working with the band again on artwork and layout.

Vocalist and guitarist Sacha Dunable comments: “After a year of intense, full-time writing mode, we are elated to begin recording our fourth full length this week.  It’s a little early to have perspective on how it compares to our past records, but it should be a banger.  Expect a wildly technical, emotionally charged, organic sounding record.”

Check out footage of the band jamming some covers:

The new album is tentatively scheduled for a Spring 2013 release.

BEREFT – Leichenhaus

BEREFT‘s debut album, Leichenhaus, should not be mistaken for an unearnest attempt at doom metal nor merely as an unfocused side project band.  This is excellent doom created by true doom followers.  The band, comprised of members of INTRONAUT, ABYSMAL DAWN, NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW, and GRAVITON, draw inspiration from all over the subgenre’s history to create an ultra heavy, brooding, dark, and depressed experience. And how more doom can you get than an album centered on the concept of entering the realm of death?

In addition to the muscular, down tuned riffs, ritualistic drumming and gigantic, cavernous feel, there is a subtle trippy, atmospheric dimension, acoustic guitar embellishments as well as a healthy use of melody that helps distinguish BEREFT.  It must be said that vocalist/guitarist Charles Elliott‘s vocals are just godly on Leichenhaus.  His ultra low and long growls  fit the music just perfectly.  No doom band of this general style should be without a Charles Elliott.

Highlights can be found throughout the record.   “Withered Efflorescence” has a great main riff that the band does a great job of building on throughout the song.  “The Coldest Orchestra” has a nice juxtaposition of atmospheric, melodic, and dirty, heavy riffing.  “Ethereal Dispereal” has a great crawling lead guitar part and melancholic tone that would make classic, middle-era KATATONIA envious.  It is probably the crown jewel of the record.

Overall, Leichenhaus is a strong debut that will please fans of great doom such as MY DYING BRIDE, SKEPTICISM, and SLEEP while simultaneously sounding unique and fresh. (The End Records)

Doom Super Group BEREFT Signs to The End Records; April 24th, 2012 Release Date Announced

Doom super group BEREFT, featuring members of INTRONAUT, ABYSMAL DAWN, NATIONAL SUNDAY LAW and ex-THE FACELESS has signed to The End Records. The debut album Leichenhaus, a conceptual album thematically revolving around a waiting mortuary, is due April 24, 2012.

Vocalist/guitarist Charles Elliott has stated that BEREFT is all about, “dark, depressing doom…definitely different from what we do in our usual bands. It’s heavy as hell and we’re all really proud of how the record and collaboration came out, and we hope people feel the same way. Real music is birthed from pain, hatred, despair, suffering and regret and this is our bastard child.”

ABYSMAL DAWN: Climbing the Mountain

ABYSMAL DAWN have emerged from the Los Angeles underground in a relatively short amount of time. But like any young band, they’ve faced their share of adversity. Through tough times, the band pioneered by mainman Charles Elliot, have channeled those opposing energies through a creative and inspirational outlet resulting in the best album of the band’s career. Album number three, Leveling the Plane of Existence, has taken the band to the next level in every facet, songwriting, technicality, lyrically, and production-wise. APESHIT chatted with Charles regarding the album, his guitar playing, his new doom band, BEREFT, and more.
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