Norway’s THE WRETCHED END Post New E-Card for Ominous

THE WRETCHED END, the new Scandinavian group comprised of Samoth (ZYKLON, EMPEROR, SCUM), Cosmo (MINDGRINDER, SCUM, SOURCE OF TIDE), and Nils Fjellström (IN BATTLE, AEON), have posted an e-card promoting their debut album, Ominous. Check it out here.

Ominous is scheduled for release on October 25th worldwide through Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records. The official iTunes EP will be available October 4th.

THE WRETCHED END Signs to Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records

The Wretched EndTHE WRETCHED END, the new band featuring Samoth (ZYKLON, EMPEROR, SCUM), Cosmo (MINDGRINDER, SCUM), and Nils Fjellström (IN BATTLE, DARK FUNERAL, AEON), have announced their signing to Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight Records.

THE WRETCHED END was formed in 2008 as creative collaboration between Samoth and Cosmo. Samoth and Cosmo have previously worked together on the infamous deathpunk project SCUM. Cosmo has also played with ZYKLON on bass when the band toured Europe as special guest for MORBID ANGEL in 2001. The two have long spoken about collaborating on an extreme metal project. Most of the material for the debut album was composed throughout 2008, and by spring 2009 a full pre-production consisting of 11 tracks was recorded.

In the summer of 2009, Swede Nils Fjellström was confirmed as the drummer. The drums were successfully recorded in Strand Studio, Oslo, September 2009. The album recording continued through the end of 2009 and was completed in the first half of 2010. The recording line-up consists of Samoth on lead and rhythm guitar, Cosmo on lead and rhythm guitar, bass and vocals and Nils Fjellström on drums.

The debut album, tentatively entitled Ominous, will be released through Samoth’s own imprint label, Nocturnal Art Productions and marketed and distributed worldwide by Candlelight Records. Album tracks include “Zoo Human Syndrome,” “Red Forest Alienation,” “Residing in Limbo,” “Human Corporation,” “Numbered Days,” “Of Men and Wolves,” “The Juggernaut Theory,” “Fleshbomb,” “The Armageddonist,” “With Ravenous Hunger” and “Last Judgement.” The album is scheduled for release fall 2010.

THE WRETCHED END can musically best be described as a “Deathrash,” taking elements from both Death Metal and Thrash Metal. Many of the songs are quite groove orientated, and also offer a melodic side. Influences range from old-school to a more modern Death/Thrash metal sound.

Samoth Launches New Project, THE WRETCHED END

EMPEROR/ZYKLON guitarist, Samoth, has assembled a new extreme metal project, dubbed THE WRETCHED END, with Cosmo of MINDGRINDER. Two have previously worked together in SCUM and Cosmo has toured with ZYKLON as their bass player. Swedish drummer Nils Fjellström (DARK FUNERAL, IN BATTLE, AEON) has been confirmed as the drummer and a vocalist is yet to be confirmed.

Pre-production, consisting of 11 tracks, was already completed this spring. The drums were recorded in Strand Studio, Oslo, back in September, and the album recording is scheduled to be completed in the first half of 2010.

Confirmed songs titles so far include “Zoo Human Syndrome“, “Red Forest Alienation“, “Residing in Limbo“, “The Human Corporation“, “Numbered Days“, “Of Men and Wolves“, “The Juggernaut Theory” and “Last Judgement“.

EMPEROR/ZYKLON’s Samoth Performs with MINDGRINDER, Provides Solo Album Update

EMPEROR/ZYKLON guitarist Samoth recently filled in for MINDGRINDER guitarist Håkon during the band’s performance in Oslo, Norway. Samoth is also continuing work on his new solo album with MINDGRINDER‘s Cosmocrator. Here is the official word:

“Earlier this week I joined my friends in MINDGRINDER on stage in Oslo for a few tracks at the Wacken Battle show, stepping in for guitarist, Håkon, who was away on a wildlife expedition of some sort.

“In related news, MINDGRINDER has in addition to a full new album, recorded EMPEROR‘s ‘I am the Black Wizards‘ for an upcoming triple tribute to EMPEROR/VED BUENS ENDE/ARCTURUS entitled Old Crown, New Spawn. They even convinced my father to play bass on the track, pretty cool. If you’re not familiar with the MINDGRINDER, check them out at:

“As for my new project, things are still in motion, planning to work hard over easter with Cosmo to finish the pre-production/demo recordings. We’ve not yet decided on a final recording line-up for the album, nor a band name, but once its nailed, we will let you know. I’m definitly happy with the progression of the material and I’m excited to see the results of this venture.”