IRON REAGAN Post New Music Video; Fall Tour Starts Tomorrow

Iron Reagan

Crossover beasts, IRON REAGAN, have just posted their new music video for “Cycle of Violence.”  The song comes off their debut full-length, Worse Than Dead, on A389 and Magic Bullet Records released earlier this year.

The band has also announced a massive fall tour with GWAR, WHITECHAPEL and BAND OF ORCS that starts October 2nd and sees them playing throughout North America until November 17th.  Dates can be found here. Not a band to stay quiet, IRON REAGAN will hit the road again in December for a week of tour dates with POWER TRIP and MAMMOTH GRINDER.

IRON REAGAN Announce New Tour Dates and Line-Up

Richmond, VA’s hardcore/thrash hybrid IRON REAGAN have announced a slew of new tour dates starting June 27th on both the East and West Coast. Tourmates include DROP DEAD, WHIPLASH, WITCHHAVEN, GWAR, HATEBREED and MEAN JEANS among others.

Their debut full-length Worse Than Dead was released earlier this year on A389 and Magic Bullet Records.  Check out our review of one of the best albums of the year.

IRON REAGAN is also debuting a brand-new line-up for this tour with original members Tony Foresta and Phil “Landphil” Hall of MUNICIPAL WASTE and drummer Ryan Parrish (ex-DARKEST HOUR) joined by Mark Bronzino (ANS, BIG EYES, KICKING SPIT) on second guitar and Rob Skotis (HELLBEAR) on bass.

Tour dates:
6/27 – Richmond, VA @ Punk Hause
6/28 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Acheron
6/29 – Philadelphia, PA @ Blow the Scene! Fest
7/02 – Tempe, AZ @ Cantina
7/03 – Santa Ana, CA @ The Observatory
7/04 – San Diego, CA @ The Yard
7/05 – Los Angeles, CA @ Whiskey A Go Go
7/06 – Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro
7/07 – Oakland, CA @ Eli’s Mile HIgh Club
9/11 – Lexington, KY @ Busters
9/12 – Indianapolis, IN @ The Vogue
9/13 – Baltimore, MD
9/14 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls
9/15 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

IRON REAGAN – Worse Than Dead

Iron Reagan - Worse Than DadCrossover bands have always been in short supply  so we are all blessed to have IRON REAGAN‘s debut full-length, Worse Than Dead.  Composed of one half MUNICIPAL WASTE and one half ex-DARKEST HOUR members, the band tear through 19 raging tracks.

You may ask, “Well, isn’t MUNICIPAL WASTE a cross over band?  What’s the difference? Why should we care?”  Yes, you have THE WASTE‘s Tony Foresta on vocals and LandPhil Hall on bass.  However, IRON REAGAN do not incorporate melodies, overt SLAYER influences, or party themes.   Additionally, the sound, lyrics, band name, and artwork are focused more on early 80’s prototypical hardcore themes and style.  And no, this isn’t some heartless, fake attempt at being retro.

Worse Than Dead includes two tracks from the band’s four-song demo alongside 17 new tracks.  The bottom line is that every song rules.  Tons of energy, hooks, beefy riffs, and perfect production.  Don’t be a fool and gloss over IRON REAGAN as being a “mere side project.”  This is the real shit.  (Magic Bullet Records/A389 Records)

MUNICIPAL WASTE – The Fatal Feast – Waste in Space

What can I say?  THE WASTE have done it again with The Fatal Feast – Waste in Space and then some.  Now five full length releases into their career and it’s safe to say that the band continue to hone their talents.  Picking up where their the aptly titled Massive Aggressive left off, The Fatal Feast is ferocious and crunchy exercise in crossover mastery.

As with any MUNICIPAL WASTE release, the songs shift in varying degrees between different influences within the crossover spectrum such as brutal thrash, chugging hardcore, and melodic punk.  However, one major note is how THE WASTE have upped the ante in the prime riffing department as these riffs are just so damn satisfying and rank up there with the band’s best.  The other major characterstic that stands out is how the band’s has continued to improve in the songwriting department.  Of course the aggression, speed, and heaviness are there but the subtle nuances in the song structures to mix things up and add flavor and charisma are the real keys.

While every member of THE WASTE lays downs excellent performances, unheralded drumgod Dave Witte‘s performance is the star.  Where other drummers would simply stick the standard beats and fills, Dave adds his style and spice that helps the band surpass the majority.  His hyper fast fills and cymbal work are to be appreciated.

And despite the fact the band are often associated with the retro-thrash trend, there is nothing rehashed, dishonest, or tired sounding about The Fatal Feast.  This is the sound of a band enjoying the prime of their creativity. (Nuclear Blast Records)

MUNICIPAL WASTE Schedule Los Angeles Eating Contest

In support of their upcoming album The Fatal Feast, crossover kings MUNICIPAL WASTE have teamed up with L.A.’s Grill ‘Em All Truck for an exclusive burger eating contest and autograph session.

Fans are invited to this one-of-a-kind “Meet & Eat” taking place in the Los Angeles area on Friday, February 17th.  For details, view the online flier here.

The Fatal Feast is due out in North America on April 10th.

MUNICIPAL WASTE will be direct support to GWAR on the “Return Of The World Maggot” tour with guests GHOUL and LEGACY OF DISORDER.  Tour dates can be found here.

MUNICIPAL WASTE Signs with Nuclear Blast Records

Richmond, Virginia’s crossover kings, MUNICIPAL WASTE, are proud to announce their new worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast Records.

On their way to devastate the Mainstage 02 at Hellfest Open Air in France this Saturday, June 18th, WASTE members check in about their big announcement:

“It took a real long time to decide what we were going to do for our next record,” states frontman Tony Foresta. “We wanted to work with a label that were not only fans of the band and our music, but were willing to get behind any ridiculous idea that we could think of. Once we realized this, Nuclear Blast was the obvious choice. The Blast has been friends with the band long before doing a record was even a possibility. I feel like we’re starting off with a clean slate and decade of experience to start back up on the right track. Expect some great things in the near future from the WASTE. This is only the beginning!”

Nuclear Blast has shown their love for the WASTE for years,” drummer Dave Witte continues. “And when it came time for a new deal, it was a no brainer in my eyes. NB all the way. We are thrilled to be included among a roster of great bands and hard working people that love them. I can’t wait to get into that studio!”

The WASTE will be entering the studio this summer to record their fifth full-length album. A 2012 release is expected.

Scion Rock Fest 2011 Line Up Announced: MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, MUNICIPAL WASTE, More

The full line up for this year’s Scion Rock Fest, which was just revealed to take place on March 5th in Pomona, CA, was announced today. Here is the full line up:


According to the poster, more bands will be added, and of course, the line up is always subject to change.

RSVP list for the free event opens tomorrow at Also, be sure to follow Scion A/V Metal on Facebook for all the lastest updates.

MUNICIPAL WASTE @ The Key Club, Hollywood (11/19/09)

[slidepress gallery=’municipal-waste-091119′]

Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE brought their seriously fun thrash attack to the Sunset Strip on Thursday (11/19/09) to a crowded pack of throwback hopefuls. The band took the stage apologizing for the early show business (they went on at 8:45 p.m.), but immediately started delivering the goods. THE WASTE performed tracks from their latest album, Massive Aggressive, and even journeyed back to their Waste ’em All debut.

While MUNICIPAL WASTE don’t disappoint on record, their live shows are where it’s at–the smaller the venue, the better (of course). The circle pit frenzy never stops and stage diving is just part of the show. This show was no exception. They even have real live props–this time Santa Claus and Jesus were in tow. Santa brought a present for one lucky fan…a hit from the beer bong (a tradition at every show). And to take things up yet another notch, Landphil‘s bass solo was performed while suspended above the audience.

The sheer activity and crowd participation showed there is much life in a style of metal that has recently been dusted of its cobwebs. At least the L.A. fans clearly gave it up for THE WASTE. Before closing things out, singer Tony Foresta thanked the Los Angeles crowd for being awesome and declaring Los Angeles as one of the band’s favorite cities to play for.

MUNICIPAL WASTE – Massive Aggressive

After two excellent albums which put MUNICIPAL WASTE in the metal spotlight, the band continues its crossover assault with Massive Aggressive. The album features the band’s uber tight playing, breakneck tempos, and perhaps the most violent and brutal collection of songs that the band has written. Perhaps the latter characteristic was an intentional way to extinguish any doubt that the band are dead serious despite its “party” image.

Opening track, “Mech-Cannibal,” sets the pace but it isn’t until the fourth song, “Wolves of Chernobyl,” when the songs reach that high level of quality that fans have become accustomed to. The latter features an almost invincible, crunchy as hell riff for the chorus. “Relentless Threat” has some of the best arrangements in THE WASTE‘s catalogue. “Media Skeptic” may not only be one of their best songs but could also be an anthem for what defines “crossover.”

While Massive Aggressive may not necessarily be a better overall album compared to its predecessors, it’s still a strong album which sees THE WASTE showing growth via certain song structures, and upping the ante in the violence department. Most importantly, the band’s sound is still fresh, which is especially encouraging given their style, and full of vitality. (Earache Records)