SÓLSTAFIR’s Next Religious Experience Arriving this June

Icelandic heathens SÓLSTAFIR are back with a new album. The highly anticipated follow-up to 2011’s much praised Svartir Sandar is entitled Ótta and has been scheduled for an August 29th release (September 2nd in North America).

As the name suggests, Ótta will include eight songs, which titles will be unveiled later in June. Pre-orders will start on Season of Mist‘s e-shop on June 10th.

Two-disc reissue of SÓLSTAFIR’s debut album Í Blóði Og Anda is also available on Season of Mist‘s e-shop.

SOLSTAFIR Finally Set for First North American Tour

Iceland’s best metal export SÓLSTAFIR have announced that they will finally be touring North America for the first time.  The only downside is that it’s strictly an East Coast tour.  JUNIUS will be the opening band, which makes for a very cool touring combo.  The tour starts May 15, 2014 in Toronto and concludes at the glorious Maryland Deathfest on May 23, 2014.

In other news, the band recently wrapped up the recording sessions in Studio Sundlaugin for their upcoming album.  Check out photos on their Facebook page.  It should be a damn good album.

Reissue of SOLSTAFIR’s Debut Album Available Now

The reissue of Icelandic rock heathens SÓLSTAFIR’s debut full-length, Í Blóði Og Anda (In Blood and Spirit), is now out everywhere. The whole album and its bonus disc, as well as the band’s magnum opus ‘Svartir Sandar’, are streaming at Bandcamp.

Originally released in 2002, Í Blóði Og Anda is SÓLSTAFIR‘s long-lost debut album. A far cry from the refined and expressive post-rock of 2011′s Svartir Sandar, Í Blóði Og Anda is a mix of black metal and crust. The album went out-of-print almost immediately upon its release, and has been out of circulation ever since. The album is now remastered, repackaged, and includes a bonus second disc full of previously unreleased material.

Tickets for Extreme Metal Cruise, Barge to Hell, on Sale Now

The world’s first extreme metal cruise, Barge to Hell, featuring 40 bands of extreme metal’s best bands is set to depart from Miami, Florida on December 3, 2012 for Nassau, Bahamas and back on December 7, 2012.  Tickets are now on sale.  The luxury cruise will feature two performances from each band on three different stages, karaoke, and more.

So far 21 out of a total of 40 bands on board are known:


APESHIT’s Top Metal Albums of 2011

2011 was a very productive and enjoyable year for extreme music, perhaps the best in years. Thus, it was not an easy task choosing what we enjoyed best since they were just so many. 2011 also gave us unforgettably bad albums by LOU REED and METALLICA, flops by THE HAUNTED as well as controversial ones by MORBID ANGEL.

We look forward to another strong year in 2012 in which we will celebrate our 10 years online. Cheers for all of your support in 2011! Radikult!!
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SOLSTAFIR – Svartir Sandar

“Religious experiences” in music are reserved for the most unique and sentimental experiences. However, that also applies to SOLSTAFIR‘s latest masterpiece, Svartir Sandar. Strong words they are but warranted.

Dreamlike, somber, melancholic, immeasurably deep, and soul bearing, Svartir Sandar carries a strong vibe much like THE CURE‘s Pornography and FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM‘s The Nephilim. And speaking of the latter, it’s readily apparent that SOLSTAFIR are heavily influenced by FIELDS OF THE NEPHILIM.

Spanning two discs, Svartir Sandar is an amazing journey. Stylistically, the album’s sound can be loosely described as a unique blend of folk-tinged dark metal and classic gothic rock. Clean electric guitars/bass take the listener through peaks and valleys where more somber, quieter moments flow into more uptempo, heavier ones and vice versa. The action is always dynamic and continuously moving. Stagnation is nowhere to be found. Female background vocals and organs are used sparsely to accent the atmospheres.

Vocalist/guitarist Aðalbjörn “Addi” Tryggvason is just awesome in his performance. His passionate cries are intoxicating and unforgettable. Even though all the songs are sung in Icelandic, one does not need to know the language to feel the sheer honesty and emotion being communicated.

When an album causes the hair on your arm to stand on end, you know there is something so powerfully unique about it, and that perfectly describes Svartir Sandar. This is truly an instant classic that no fan of dark music should miss. Absolutely mandatory. (Season of Mist)