SOULFLY – Conquer

If Dark Ages was Max Cavalera’s return to true extreme metal/punk, then Conquer is a definitive statement that nü-SOULFLY won’t be around any time soon. Conquer just might be SOULFLY’s heaviest album to date. While much of Conquer conjures up sounds and feelings of old SEPULTURA, there are plenty of (subtle) sounds and styles that we’ve never heard from Max Cavalera before. The war anthem of “Blood Fire War Hate” sets the brutal tone of the album. MORBID ANGEL’s David Vincent lays down some of his great vocals and really helps the song to reach a new level. “Warmageddon” has a great sludgy, doomy MORBID ANGEL-like intro before launching into an urgent, charging tempo that recalls Beneath the Remains and Arise. The song only gets faster and more intense and easily scorches most of today’s popular metal bands in a matter of minutes. “Enemy Ghost” sees Max bringing back the theme and mantra of rising up as evidenced by his lyrics, “Rise above and rise within.” The next song, “Rough,” is a bruiser with prime hardcore riffs that any contemporary hardcore band would sell their souls for. At this point in Conquer, you might wonder whether the intensity will take a break but the band are out to destroy and the grinding main riff of “Fall of the Sycophants” is unrelenting. The middle section of the song is also highly reminiscent of latter era DEATH complete with Chuck Schuldiner-style guitar solos. SOULFLY busts out a cool dub jam to end “Doom.” “For Those About to Rot” burns out with a cascading doom riff before turning into a meditative Middle Eastern/Indian-style interlude. “Touching the Void” is undoubtedly an homage to BLACK SABBATH with its sludgy riffs and song title (i.e. SABBATH’s “Into the Void”) that could’ve come from Master of Reality. The comparatively mellow instrumental, “Soulfly IV,” may be the best instrumental in the band’s collection thus far. It’s very impressive to hear the high quality and power of Conquer considering the fact that Max also wrote the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY album at adjacent periods of time. The rest of the band are in peak form with top-notch performances. And despite what all the magazines may say or omit to say, lead guitarist Marc Rizzo is a true guitar hero and easily negates most of the media’s most touted guitar stars. Conquer effortlessly and unquestionably communicates its message through urgent, heart pounding relevant music. (Roadrunner Records)


Since Max Cavalera‘s departure from SEPULTURA in 1996, the metal world has wished for none other than a SEPULTURA reunion. While that dream still remains, the recent reunion between brothers Iggor and Max has proven to be more special and meaningful. Their new project CAVALERA CONSPIRACY marks the first time the Cavalera brothers have recorded together in more than a decade. The result? A blistering infliction of thrash, punk, and metal that seethes with excitement and enthusiasm. Just before the album’s release, frontman Max took some time to express his delight to APESHIT about the reunion with his brother and the subsequent spontaneous musical output.

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SOULFLY Announces Sixth Album, Conquer

The SOULFLY tribe returns with their new album, Conquer, which is due in stores on July 29th.

About Conquer, Max Cavalera cryptically says, referencing key album titles from his illustrious career that spans SEPULTURA, NAILBOMB and SOULFLY, “From the beginning of this Devastation, from Visions of Schizophrenia and battles Beneath The Remains to Arise in this Chaos A.D. From Point Blank executions to trying to find the Roots of your soul. From Primitive ways to Trinity, from Prophecies to Dark Ages Inflikting the world with Metal. The mission continues, stronger than ever. Conquer your fear and you’ll conquer life and death.”

The track listing for Conquer is as follows:

Blood Fire War Hate
Enemy Ghost
Fall Of The Sycophants
Touching The Void
Soulfly VI

SOULFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY Guitarist Marco Rizzo on Solo Tour

SOULFLY/CAVALERA CONSPIRACY lead guitarist Marco Rizzo is currently on tour promoting his latest solo album, The Ultimate Devotion.

Current tour dates:

26-Mar New York, NY Fat Baby
29-Mar Lowell, MA Lowell Brewery Exchange
30-Mar Haverhill, MA Welfare Records
3-Apr Battle Creek, MI Plant Rock
5-Apr Huntsville, OH The Blue Cat
6-Apr Berwyn, IL Tiger O’Stylies
8-Apr Green Bay, WI Toxic
9-Apr Davenport, IA River Music
11-Apr Sioux Falls, SD Nutty’s North
12-Apr East Peoria, IL Tails and Tops
14-Apr Kansas City, MO The Riot Room
15-Apr Springfield, MO Outland Ballroom
16-Apr Mulberry, KS Foxtown City Limits
18-Apr Mesa, AZ Cell Block
21-Apr Hollywood, CA Roxy
22-Apr Salt Lake City, UT Club Vegas
23-Apr Billings, MT Foe
24-Apr Denver, CO 3 Kings Tavern
25-Apr Lincoln, NE Kinckerbockers
27-Apr Chicago, IL Red Line Tap


It’s been a very long thirteen years since brothers, Max and Igor Cavalera, wrote music together. While many fans still long for a full SEPULTURA reunion, fans have CAVALERA CONSPIRACY to enjoy in the meantime. Starting off with the opening track, “Inflikted,” the band set the tone for the album with an immediate shot of adrenaline – uptempo, hard hitting metal/punk. And do Max and Igor sound great together? Fuck yeah, they do. They lock in perfectly, and it’s obvious that they haven’t lost a single step (just listen to Dark Ages and Dante XXI). Musically, the album sounds a lot like the return to Max‘s (and Igor‘s) brutal/extreme roots that was SOULFLY‘s last album, Dark Ages. However, here there may be even more of those fast, brutal riffing of early SEPULTURA. Also, there are a healthy helping of new riffing styles that have never been heard before in Max‘s back catalogue. Igor not only lays down a top-notch metal/punk foundation for the songs but also adds his unique flare for tribal drumming in numerous parts of Inflikted. His godly precision, skill, and power are definitely steps above any of today’s flavor of the month metal drummers. Lead guitarist Marc Rizzo plays a pivotal role with his excellent shredding skills. His lead work takes the songs to another level and can be found in not only the solo sections, but intros and main riffs of songs. GOJIRA vocalist/guitarist Joe Duplantier‘s most noticeable contribution lays in his MORBID ANGEL-worshipping riff contribution in “Ultra-Violent” and his backing vocals in “Dark Ark” and the aforementioned song. Inflikted, as a whole, is just a very strong package of catchy, memorable songs that possesses the urgency of those classic punk/hardcore records that Max and Igor grew up on in Belo Horizonte. Is Inflikted the best album of 2008? Maybe not, but it might be the most charismatic, memorable, and relevant album. (Roadrunner Records)

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY: Debut Album Drops March 25th

Max and Igor Cavalera‘s CAVALERA CONSPIRACY have announced a March 25th release date for their debut album through Roadrunner Records. The band, rounded out by Marc Rizzo (SOULFLY) and Joe Deplantier (GOJIRA), marks the first effort between the ex-SEPULTURA brothers since 1996’s Roots album.

CAVALERA CONSPIRACY‘s album was recorded this past July at Undercity Studios in Los Angeles, with producer Logan Mader (ex-MACHINE HEAD/SOULFLY guitarist). The album will feature 11 tracks including “Inflikted“, “Bloodbrawl“, “Terrorize” (formerly “Holy Poison“), “The Doom of All Fires“, “Ultra-Violent” and “Sanctuary“. A cover of POSSESSED‘s classic song, “The Exorcist,” was also recorded for a possible B-side release.

SOULFLY Guitarist Marc Rizzo to Tour with PRIMER 55

SOULFLY Guitarist Marc Rizzo will be going on tour with SOULFLY bandmate Bobby Burns with Burns’ band, PRIMER 55. The three month tour starts today.

Tour dates:
12 Saint Petersburg, FL Boomer’s
16 Pittsburg, KS Foxtown City Limits
17 Wichita, KS Lizard Lounge
18 Kansas City, MO The Hurricane
19 Sioux City, IA Eagles Club
20 Cedar Falls, IA Reverb
21 Madison, WI Dry Bean Saloon
23 Milwaukee, WI The Rave Eagles Club
25 Alsip, IL O’Malleys
27 Sandusky, OH The Underground
28 Columbus, OH Billiard Club

1 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock Café
2 Baltimore, MD The Black Hole
4 Virginia Beach, VA Gil’s
9 Des Moines, IA House of Bricks
14 Fort Wayne, IN Legends
15 Flint, MI Machine Shop
16 Clinton Township, MI T.N.T’s Bar & Grill
17 Huntington, WV Paradox
20 Fayetteville, NC Jesters Pub
24 Metairie, LA Keystones
27 Port St. Lucie, FL The Mojo Room
30 Louisville, KY Phoenix Hill Tavern

6 Houston, TX Roc Bar
9 Tempe, AZ The Sets
12 Malibu, CA Malibu Inn
14 San Jose, CA Nova Hall
15 Portland, OR Hawthorne Theatre
16 Seattle, WA El Corazon
17 Spokane, WA Bourbon Street
18 Bozeman, MT Filling Station/ VFW
19 Billings, MT F.O.E.

INFLIKTED Change Name to CAVALERA CONSPIRACY; Sign with Roadrunner

Brother’s Max and Igor Cavalera (ex-SEPULTURA) have changed the name of their new band from INFLIKTED to CAVALERA CONSPIRACY, due to conflicts with many other bands already using that name.  The band will still appear as INFLIKTED at the annual D-Low memorial show on August 31st at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, Arizona.

In other news, the band, which also feature SOULFLY guitarist Marc Rizzo and GOJIRA vocalist Joe Deplantier (on bass), have reportedly inked a deal with Roadrunner Records.  Their debut release is expected in early 2008.

Visit the band’s MySpace page for more information: