Max, Igor Cavalera Name New Band INFLIKTED; Launch MySpace Page

Former SEPULTURA members Max and Igor Cavalera, who recently reunited for the first time in 10 years, have tentatively decided on INFLIKTED as the name of their new project.  The band, which also features GOJIRA vocalist, Joe Duplantier, on bass and SOULFLY shredder, Mark Rizzo, on guitar, are currently in the studio working on their debut with producers Dirty Icon (Logan Matter and Lucas Banker).  A late 2007 release via Roadrunner Records is expected.  Visit the band’s newly launched MySpace page here:

SOULFLY Guitarist Marc Rizzo Lines Up Solo Shows

SOULFLY guitarist Marc Rizzo has scheduled live dates on the East Coast in support of his latest solo album, Colossal Myopia.

Show dates:
Fri. Jan 27 Mexicali Blues – Teaneck, NJ
Fri. Feb 2 Thunder Down Under – Baltimore, MD
Sat. Feb 3 Grape St. Pub – Philadelphia, PA
Fri. Feb 9 Ace’s Lounge – Johnstown, PA
Fri. Feb 16 KC’s Music Alley – Fredricksburg, VA

CELTIC FROST: The Emperor’s Return

The evolution and development of extreme music would not be where it is today without the revolutionary, forward thinking of Switzerland’s CELTIC FROST. Not only did they help shape death and black metal in its earliest stages as well as provide a profound influence on hardcore, they arguably created the blueprints for which all avant-garde metal would follow years later. After a decade plus in perpetual slumber, CELTIC FROST made a mighty return in their darkest album yet, Monotheist. However, the return of the band was a very tough and hard fought road as APESHIT learned after meeting up with vocalist/guitarist Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom G. Warrior) before one of their shows during the first half of their U.S. tour.

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SOULFLY: Soul World Order

As the world’s only true world (music) metal band, SOULFLY has been breaking down barriers and expanding the scope of metal since 1997. Band leader Max Cavalera‘s unique yet influential style has helped establish their own niche in the metal world incorporating tribal music of his native Brazil, reggae, dub, punk, thrash, and death metal. His pioneering efforts with SEPULTURA help put Brazil on the metal map, and in turn, has given him and SOULFLY the opportunity to bring their music to all parts of the world. APESHIT caught up with Max during SOULFLY‘s latest U.S. tour to learn more about his musical roots, connecting with fans, and his special art of guitar riffing.

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SOULFLY – Dark Ages

Just when you thought you knew what SOULFLY was all about, Max Cavalera and co. flip the script on the public. Dark Ages is without a doubt the band’s heaviest, fastest, and arguably most “metal” album yet. Reaching into his roots of brutal thrash and death metal, Max brings the kind of assault unheard from him since the days of Chaos A.D. and even Arise. Also adding fuel to the fury are the scorching leads of rising shredder Marc Rizzo. Songs such as “I and I,” “Carved Inside,” and “Frontlines” rank as the heaviest tracks in the SOULFLY catalogue. However, don’t mistake this as a total return to the past. That trademark SOULFLY nü groove and tribal influences are still there but they’re greatly bolstered with the added firepower of the aforementioned riffing and a high energy level unmatched by most bands. And a SOULFLY album wouldn’t be a SOULFLY album without guest appearances and some experimentation. Nemanja “Coyote” Kojíc‘s clean lead vocals and the acoustic guitars add a new dimension to “Innerspirit.” “Molotov” stands out as a pure old school punk classic and includes S.O.D.‘s Billy Milano laying down some vocals. “Riotstarter” starts off as a tribal jam before going into synthesized break beats led by a catchy guitar lick. What is quite uncanny is how closely the chorus and song title resembles THE PRODIGY‘s radio hit, “Firestarter.” “Fuel the Fire” signals not only the last brutal song on Dark Ages but the last good one as things fizzle out considerably with the last two tracks. Not only will Dark Ages light a fire in the hearts of young SOULFLY fans, it will revive the interest of old SEPULTURA fans as well. It’s great to hear one of the pioneers of heavy music doing what they do best. It’ll be quite interesting to see what SOULFLY does on the next one. (Roadrunner Records)

Cavalera Brothers Reunite at SOULFLY Gig

Former SEPULTURA drummer, Igor Cavalera, reunited with his brother and former bandmate, Max Cavalera, at a recent gig of Max‘s SOULFLY band. The show, which took place on August 17th in Tempe, Arizona, was a memorial show for Dana Wells (D-Low), the step son of Max and son of Gloria Cavalera. Igor joined the band for a drum jam which segued into the SEPULTURA track “Attitude.”

Having returned from a European tour, SOULFLY is set to embark on a US tour with WICKED WISDOM, FULL BLOW CHAOS, SCARS OF TOMORROW, and IGNITE (Gloria and Max‘s son’s band).

Currently scheduled dates are as follows:

9/18 San Diego, CA – The House of Blues
9/19 Anaheim, CA – The House of Blues
9/20 Las Vegas, NV – The House of Blues
9/21 Salt Lake City, UT – Club Vegas
9/22 Colorado Springs, CO – The Black Sheep
9/23 Topeka, KS – The Static Bar
9/24 St. Paul, MN – Station 4
9/25 Mokena, IL – The Pearl Room
9/26 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop
10/1 Winston-Salem, NC – Ziggy’s
10/2 Charlotte, NC – Amos’ South End
10/3 Tallahassee, FL – The Beta Bar
10/4 St. Petersburg, FL – State Theatre
10/5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – The Culture Room

MARC RIZZO – Colossal Myopia

Who knew that the former guitarist of ILL NINO/current guitarist of SOULFLY could shred like a beast!?! Marc Rizzo breaks out of those strict and simple musical confines with Colossal Myopia. Opener “Kilocycle Interval” burst outs with an immediate barrage of notes that quickly declares itself as a mind-bending metal shredfest. There are probably more notes in that track alone than in an entire SOULFLY record. The following track, “Introspection of an Introvert,” continues the assault with plenty of DEATH-like rhythmic riffing and guitar heroics. The album is not an all out metal fest as Rizzo displays his specialty in Spanish/flamenco guitar on a good portion of the songs. Accompanying the aforementioned songs are some excellent and tasteful Latin percussion. The title track melds his two main musical worlds together with ultra heavy riffs and lightning fast flamenco licks. There’s even a song that ventures into new age territory. One of the defining characteristics of Colossal Myopia is that the songs are in constant motion. The rhythm is always pulsating with energy whether it is from the guitars alone or from the accompanying percussion. The songwriting is simply solid as each track plays a crucial role in creating the overall charisma of Colossal Myopia. Marc Rizzo is a name that demands your attention and respect. (Shrapnel Records)