THE HAUNTED Set Versus as New Album Title

THE HAUNTED have set Versus as the title of their forthcoming new album. Produced by Tue Madsen, Versus is set for an October release throughout North America. The band comments on the album:

“So we’re about to let people outside the box start peeking inside. The album we’ve come up with is one we decided to call Versus. Pretty much it’s turned out to be exactly what we had hoped for! Somewhere along The Dead Eye touring cycle we started to see a pattern in what songs we kept coming back to and what we felt really good about in the live setting, and we started talking about making a record that reflected the live energy of the band. As things went along and we finished a live session for Swedish National Radio P3, we knew it could be done. We decided to record the whole album live, and add vocals and solos once we had the songs down with the right energy and groove. Tue loved the idea.

“Like always, Peter [Dolving] confused the hell out of everyone by presenting 25 ideas almost a year before we were even going to record, but later calmed the mood by explaining it was mostly to inspire and provoke. It worked. Anders and Jonas [Björler] started dropping CD’s of scatterbrained ideas and mixed riffs and we started diggin; Anders bringing industrial and melodic ideas to the table, and Jonas traditional metal roots. Initially Jensen felt he didn’t know where to go with it. He told Peter, ‘All I come up with is grind…’ So what?! Then write grind riffs! It’s all gonna sound like THE HAUNTED in the end anyway. Pete told him, and shortly after Jensen started pounding us with typical, simplistic, Jensen trademark riffs.

“Recording was a quick and painless process. Once all was in place, we spent ten days in PUK studios getting the music tracked under the supervision of the King Cool, Tue Madsen. We spent eight days of vocal tracking at the IN FLAMES studio, and at Antfarm, with a short pause where Pete underwent surgery for an infected jaw. Then Tue mixed and mastered most of the record in his head, driving around with his kid, eating french fries and rocking out, before returning to Antfarm to turn the necessary knobs and switches.

“So what does it sound like? Definitely THE HAUNTED: Great songs, catchfire-riffing, hooks catchier than herpes on a biker slut, explosive groovy beats and lyrics as sharp, dark and dripping sarcastic bile like someone who just got back from Hell with a bone to pick. ‘Moronic Colossus‘ and ‘Trenches‘ are songs we’ve already picked up and added to the live set with fan approval, while TROUBLE-inspired ‘Ceremony‘ will have your head bobbing. ‘Pieces‘ draws to mind the current AT THE GATES tour, while perhaps even more efficiently constructed in its heaviness. Hardcore sniffer ‘Crusher,’ a straight up ode to heavy music and metal in particular and the inimitable fury of ‘Little Cage‘ will have you smashing furniture and breaking speed limits.

“It’s safe to say we’re really looking forward to letting this bastard sink its fangs into your minds. Ladies and gents, it’s clobbering time!”

Check out THE HAUNTED‘s official MySpage page for videos from the album pre-production and recording sessions:

ABORTED Launch New Website

Belgium’s ABORTED have just launched their new website at in anticipation of their new album, Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture, which is set for a February 20th release. Included on the site is a track from the album, “The Chondrin Enigma.”

The album was recorded at Denmark’s Antfarm Studios with producer/engineer Tue Madsen (HIMSA, THE HAUNTED), and includes guest vocal performances by Jeff Walker (ex-CARCASS) and Jacob Bredahl (HATESPHERE).

Vocalist, Sven De Caluwe, describes the new effort: “Expect an album which more or less condenses what we’ve been doing over the last three albums, with some fresh elements added in. It’s definitely a lot more extreme, with more solo mayhem than The Archaic Abattoir, while still retaining the groove and melodies we have been building on. We promise that you will not be disappointed.”

DARK TRANQUILLITY Complete Recording of New Album

Sweden’s DARK TRANQUILLITY have finished recording their forthcoming new album.  Vocalist Mikael Stanne posted the following message the band’s official website:

“I can’t believe it….We made it! It’s done and there is nothing I can do about it. Just got back from the studio where everything is now shipped off to Denmark where [producer] Tue Madsen will perform his magicky magic on the things we’ve been working on these last seven weeks.

“I just finished the last vocal lines a couple of days ago and it feels sweet. As always with recordings there is alot of stress and selfdoubt but being in a more than familiar environment in Martin [Henriksson, guitar]‘s studio (Rogue) has helped tremendously. The recordings have not only been smooth and focused but the overall feeling that we are creating something amazing has really driven us through this.

“It turned out so different and diverse that the hardest thing for me now is to find a suitable title for the whole thing. How can i sum up in a title something that is everything and nothing, grounded and out there, intorvert and extra-terrestial all at the same time?

“Well, keep watching this space and I will let you know soon enough.

“Right now I am just so glad it’s done. Anders did a fantastic job grinding and beating (off) in the studio, Micke [Michael Nicklasson] has delivered some really crushing bass, Martin and Niklas [Sundin, guitar] have really outdone themselves with great riffs and truly outstanding solos and Martin B [Brändström, electronics] has poured a lot of misery and anxiety into his soundscapes. Now all we do is wait for the mix, and this being our first time mixing out of house so to speak we are really excited to hear what the hell we’ve been up to!”

DARK TRANQUILLITY Hard at Work on New Album

DARK TRANQUILLITY are currently recording their follow-up to Character. Here what the band had to say:

“Greetings, minions!

“Just a quick update on the studio progress. We’re now roughly three weeks into the recording of our 8th (or is it 9th? Depends on how you count…) full length offering, and everything has more or less proceeded according to the plans.

“Drums were brutally nailed the first week, and we´re currently working simultanously with guitars, bass, vocals and electronics at Martin B‘s own Rogue studios, enabling the songs to gradually develop from their embryonic skeleton structures into fully equipped carriers of oblivion and pestilence.

“Producer Tue Madsen was here during the first days of the process and did a great job setting up the basic sound for all the instruments. When everything is recorded, we’ll take the material to his Antfarm studio for the final mixing and mastering, after which we’ll let you in on some further info regarding the contents the album.

So far so good in other words!”