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APESHIT is Naked for CSS Naked Day

April 8, 2009

If something look here looks incorrect to you, fear not… this stripped-down, text-only, un-metal look is intentional.  April 9th is CSS Naked Day and APESHIT is proudly participating.

What is CSS Naked Day? CSS Naked Day is an annual event to promote Web Standards. The average individual could give a rat’s ass about Web Standards but we here at APESHIT do give a hoot.  Notice that naked APESHIT is clean, meaningful, and accessible to those without modern browser powers (CSS, JavaScript, etc.)  While that’s a tremendously small portion of our users, it does affect search engine bots, mobile users, and potentially those with screen readers.  While this is mostly for fun, APESHIT does care help to spread awareness.

For more information on CSS Naked Day, check out the CSS Naked Day website:

And if you are metal and happen to be curious about Web Standards, check out this interview with designer/writer/standards-guru, Jeffery Zeldman, where he talks about the importance of Web Standards:

And now, back to the grind…