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Video of the Day: APESHIT's First and Only Promo Video

October 6, 2010

Though APESHIT has been around since July 2002, it was only until 2006 that we finally got around to the idea of a promo video. I had to babysit my six year old cousin one evening and I was reviewing promos for coverage for the site. I checked out the then brand new ROB ZOMBIE video collection as my little cousin got his first taste of rock music, monsters, blood, and scantily clad women. He was instantly mesmerized. Right afterward, I blasted the reissue of RINGWORM’s The Promise and my cousin just started rockin’ hard out big time on his own. I quickly grabbed my camera and captured him as he spontaneously went apeshit.

Though we never promoted the video, word got back to RINGWORM and they posted it on their myspace page with the announcement that their singer, Human Furnace, had been replaced. Check it out here.

This is totally unrehearsed and you don’t have to understand Korean to appreciate my cousin (though it certainly helps). Enjoy!