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Videos of the Day: A Little Dose of OPETH for the Soul

July 15, 2011

Sure, everyone and their mothers gush over OPETH, but that wasn’t necessarily the case 10+ years ago. Back in the band’s earlier days, OPETH was a semi-obscure band who didn’t quite catch on with the masses of metal fans, at least in the U.S., until Blackwater Park. Thankfully, Century Black (aka Century Media) released the band’s first three albums in North America. Unfortunately, a new European label for the band and subsequent business deals led to their fourth album, Still Life, to be an import-only release in the States for quite a while before an official release. But hey, when has the import-only nature of a record ever stopped a hardcore metal fan?

Anyways, all fans of the band know that few things are as soothing and soul warming as a good OPETH song. Let us now sit back and enjoy two live songs from Damnation and Watershed, respectively.

In My Time of Need”: