BORIS @ The El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles (8/27/10)

Last night, Japan’s BORIS polluted Los Angeles with their sweet, amplified, audial nectar. Playing to a packed El Rey Theatre, the band showcased songs from their recently released 7″ series Japanese Heavy Rock Hits. The set also included some of their usual winners… “Farewell,” “Pink,” “1970“, “A Bao a Qu,” “Rainbow” with Wata on vocals, etc.

Distortion was at deliciously high volume, though better, sound-wise, from the back of the venue. Up front, house right (where I was) was overpowered by Michio Kurihara‘s guitars providing an unfortunately unbalanced mix of BORIS‘ wall-of-sound.

The band closed with the almost 20 minute “Untitled” track off their latest full-length of new material, Smile. The house lights came on during the epic, but the band played on… and loudly.

Check out some snapshots from the show…

[slidepress gallery=’boris-100827′]

BORIS‘ tour ends tonight after they play The Glass House in Pomona. Then they will head to New York for the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival where they and SUNN O))) will be performing their Altar album in its entirety, and again at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on September 7th. (which I, @roycifer, will be inĀ attendance).

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