The last show of the DARK TRANQUILLITY, THREAT SIGNAL, MUTINY WITHIN U.S. tour hit a relatively quiet night in Hollywood after Memorial Day weekend. The Key Club was as hot as sauna, the upstairs area was closed off, and even a few attendees of Ronnie James Dio‘s memorial service could be spotted.

Newcomers MUTINY WITHIN took the stage with plenty of energy and enthusiasm, which immediately connected with the crowd. After hearing them play a few songs, there’s no hiding the fact that DARK TRANQUILLITY are a major influence as evidenced by their stop and start grooves, melodic sense, and synthesizer sound and style. The band fared better than the average opening band on a tour with their American interpretation of 2000’s Scandinavian melodic death metal. The pit was alive and the crowd shouted their approval.

Upon Ontario, Canada’s THREAT SIGNAL‘s first song, it was clear that they were more sophisticated, sharpened, and superior to the young MUTINY WITHIN. Unfortunately, the crowd were seemingly unfamiliar with and somewhat apathetic to the band despite playing their best. A personal emergency forced the band to finish the last date of the tour with only one guitarist. Lead guitarist Travis Montgomery‘s exceptional solo skills did make headway in converting some of the faithless.

As the clock struck 11:00pm, it was clear that this was DARK TRANQUILLITY‘s night. Finally, LA fans got to experience a full headlining set from Gothenburg’s longest running band. The setlist was more or less a combination of their usual setlists from their last couple of tours, which has a significant amount of overlap. The songs that made their LA debuts included “Lethe” and “Freecard.” There was a healthy dose of songs from DT‘s latest, We are the Void.

Aside from a longer set, fans were also treated to an accompanying video projector that not only showcased guitarist Niklas Sundin‘s fantastic artwork along with other excellent animations, but also was synched up to each of the songs performed. The band performed “Shadow in Our Blood” along with the music video in high definition being projected. The cool thing about that was the fact that the band performed in perfect synch with the video. The fans were more than impressed with this feat.

The band was happy. The crowd was happy. It was a win win situation. Vocalist Mikael Stanne declared the show to be the best night of the tour. Not bad for a quiet night on the Sunset Strip.

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