The No Salvation Tour had made its way to Los Angeles, and by the looks of things outside the world famous Whisky A Go-Go, it would be a packed house inside.  There were tons of fans lined up outside the venue, but since the show was sold out, they had no choice but to stand outside and hang out all night!

The opening act for this brutal tour package was NECRONOMICON, but alas, they did not play, as their RV broke down and sadly, did not get to the venue in time to perform.  The crowd grew restless, and wanted some brutality…

After a few miscues with their intro, San Diego’s DISGORGE proved why they are still one of the most extreme and violent acts out there.  The band plowed directly into “Atonement” with new vocalist Angel Ochoa up to par with legendary ex-DISGORGE vocalist Matti Way.  The crowd started up the pit, and the band fed off the swirling hair and circle pit nicely, delivering the most ferocious, extreme, and ultra low guttural death metal possible.  They went through their “hits” such as “Womb Full of Scabs,” “She Lay Gutted,” and “Cranial Impalement” just to name a few.  The crowd gave them an excellent response, and this tour should definitely take the band to the next level in terms of gaining more fan base and support.

Broken HopeBROKEN HOPE went on the road last year with OBITUARY to test the waters and see if there was any interest in their reunion.  The interest was indeed there, and old school BROKEN HOPE fans were quite anxious to see these guys destroy again.  The band ripped through an excellent mix of their entire discography, with SwampedBowels, and Repulsive all represented nicely.  Old school classics such as “Gorehog,” “Swamped in Gore,” “Incinerated,” “The Dead Half,” “Dilated & Extraction,” and “Into the Necrosphere” were all played to perfection.  The new songs off Omen of Disease sounded excellent, and the chemistry with the new members has definitely brought this band back to life.  Stage delivery was excellent, sound was heavy, and by and far BROKEN HOPE came, saw, and killed.  It was great to see the crowd give such enthusiastic support for the boys from Chicago.

MTV Jackass’ very own Steve-O came up and proudly introduced DEICIDE on stage to the crowd’s delight.  The band, aside from the comical Glen Benton, seemed to be stiff and unenthusiastic on stage, as they were just going through the motions.  Benton, always the hilarious frontman, had a “Christ Killer” bass guitar strap.

DeicideThe band opened with “Homage for Satan” and promptly went into each subsequent song without any breaks in between, with “Dead by Dawn” and “Once Upon the Cross” soon to follow.  DEICIDE know what the crowd want, and played a few newer tracks such as “Save Your,” “Conviction,” and “Witness of Death,” but they dug deep on this tour and brought some rarities back from the dead.  “Trifixion” was an amazing surprise to hear, and the band played it flawlessly with speed, brutality, and exact precision, only to be followed up with “Dead But Dreaming.”  Truly classic!

Glen mentioned that after the new album, In the Minds of Evil is released, and they go on tour for that album, that a few classic DEICIDE tracks will be “retired” and gone forever.  That being said, the band pummeled the crowd with the mandatory classics, “Sacrificial Suicide” and “Lunatic of God’s Creation.”

The pit was in full force, and if you’ve ever been to a DEICIDE show, you know that their mosh pits are extremely violent and brutal to say the least.  Guys and girls were all in the mix as a fight between girls erupted towards the end of the set. The band closed with “Oblivious to Evil” and everyone’s favorite, “Kill the Christian.”

Benton mentioned that the encore song would be the very last time they would play it in L.A., and the song “Deicide” ended the brutally epic night, sending the frenzied crowd into the strange depths of Sunset Blvd.  [Editor’s note: Since this show, BROKEN HOPE has been kicked off the tour thanks to Mr. Benton]

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