DIR EN GREY @ House of Blues, Hollywood (11/22/09)

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DIR EN GREY rocked the house on the second of a two-night stint at the House of Blues in Hollywood. As expected, zealous fans lined up along the venue all day in order to reserve their much coveted spots close to the stage. Once the intro hardcore song was played, the crowd quickly sang along, screaming “Kill, kill, kill!” After much wait, DIR EN GREY took the stage and the crowd went absolutely apeshit. In all my years photographing bands at the House of Blues, I’ve never seen a crowd push forward so hard that the barriers in front of the stage were forced up against the stage.

With fans coming from all over the country and even from Mexico, DIR EN GREY did not disappoint their fans. The band played a longer set than in any previous U.S. tours and reached back into their back catalogue to play songs that have never been performed before in the States. The only noticeable omission from the show was singer Kyo cutting himself open as was part of his past live performances. All in all the band delivered the type of powerhouse show that their rabid fans have become accustomed to.