DIR EN GREY @ House of Blues, Hollywood, CA (12/23/11)

[slidepress gallery=’dir-en-grey-111223′]On a chilly eve of Christmas Eve in Los Angeles, the always faithful DIR EN GREY fans came out for their heroes. The band’s first show in LA for their latest album, Dum Spiro Spero, was to be a special one as the band had a full camera crew to film the show for a future release. Like on many of their recent tours, there was no opening band and the crowd eagerly awaited their heroes for about an hour before they took the stage.

DIR EN GREY took the stage with the type of unconditional love and adoration that their fans are known for. Bassist Toshiya did a great job working the crowd and getting the predominantly female crowd to yell out his name. Vocalist Kyo went into his trademark intense trance-like state and projected his furious and passionate delivery. The rest of the band was their usual cool selves.

The setlist revolved more around the band’s recent albums with the beginning of the latter half of the set focusing on the band’s more experimental, atmospheric side. At show’s end, the band threw out guitar picks, drum sticks, and water bottles, of which I was the recipient of the latter. Fortunately, no one tried to mob me for it. And before departing back into the cold evening, the vast majority of the crowd patiently stood in the merch line to buy some souvenirs.

It’ll be quite special to see the final product of the live recording of the evening’s show.

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