MUNICIPAL WASTE @ The Key Club, Hollywood (11/19/09)

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Richmond, Virginia’s MUNICIPAL WASTE brought their seriously fun thrash attack to the Sunset Strip on Thursday (11/19/09) to a crowded pack of throwback hopefuls. The band took the stage apologizing for the early show business (they went on at 8:45 p.m.), but immediately started delivering the goods. THE WASTE performed tracks from their latest album, Massive Aggressive, and even journeyed back to their Waste ’em All debut.

While MUNICIPAL WASTE don’t disappoint on record, their live shows are where it’s at–the smaller the venue, the better (of course). The circle pit frenzy never stops and stage diving is just part of the show. This show was no exception. They even have real live props–this time Santa Claus and Jesus were in tow. Santa brought a present for one lucky fan…a hit from the beer bong (a tradition at every show). And to take things up yet another notch, Landphil‘s bass solo was performed while suspended above the audience.

The sheer activity and crowd participation showed there is much life in a style of metal that has recently been dusted of its cobwebs. At least the L.A. fans clearly gave it up for THE WASTE. Before closing things out, singer Tony Foresta thanked the Los Angeles crowd for being awesome and declaring Los Angeles as one of the band’s favorite cities to play for.

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