SOULFLY @ The Key Club, Hollywood (09/30/09)

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SOULFLY‘s latest show in Hollywood, CA proved that the band is going stronger than ever. Opening with “Blood Fire War Hate,” the band got the perpetual pit started for the show. Unlike the majority of metal bands, SOULFLY actually generates quite a lot of honest excitement and energy when they play live. During their set it was apparent that frontman Max Cavalera is quite a charismatic and powerful icon for fans as those who climbed up on stage opted to give him hugs rather than high fives.

The band were in strong form with everyone doing their part. After seeing SOULFLY a few times, one can figure out that Max Cavalera concentrates more on his vocals and presence than on his rhythm playing. Guitar wizard, Marc Rizzo, busted out his double neck acoustic guitar for a short solo, as well as playing a short solo on his electric guitar.

Their set was a good mix of all SOULFLY‘s back catalogue which included “Eye for an Eye,” “Back to the Primitive,” “Seek ‘n’ Strike,” “Prophecy,” “Molotov,” and “Unleash.” The band also played some obligatory SEPULTURA classics, “Troops of Doom,” “Roots Bloody Roots,” “Refuse/Resist.” Judging by the audience reaction and estimated ages when the band played the latter two songs, Chaos A.D. and Roots may have been one of the first metal albums that they fell in love with. The band also played around with the first couple of measures of SLAYER‘s “Raining Blood” and METALLICA‘s “Creeping Death.”

All in all, the show was another satisfying and fun experience from SOULFLY.

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