SWALLOW THE SUN, MOONSORROW @ House of Blues, Hollywood (04/25/10)

The Finnish Metal Tour 2010 featuring FINNTROLL, SWALLOW THE SUN, MOONSORROW, and SURVIVOR ZERO came to Hollywood on Sunday night. Considering that all of these bands debuted no later than earlier in the decade as bands that only true underground warriors knew about, the turn out and demographics of the patrons was quite surprising and impressive. The great majority of the crowd was composed of young metal fans who never had to pay top dollar for the bands’ import-only releases. However, they were full of youthful energy and enthusiasm.

SWALLOW THE SUN opened the show with a fantastic near 45 minute set. A set this long is unheard of for an opening act. Their setlist predominantly focused on their latest album, New Moon, and also included songs from their previous releases. The band performed almost flawlessly with plenty of passion. Their brutal charging riffs went over well along with their quieter, more melodic song sections. Vocalist Mikko Kotamäki kept the on stage banter to a minimum and let his singing do the talking. All in all, this was quite a strong presentation for fans old and new.

MOONSORROW took the stage with an energy that contrasted with SWALLOW THE SUN‘s melancholic style of death/doom. MOONSORROW were immediately prowling the stage with two members opting to go topless (for better or for worse). The amount of showmanship and enthusiasm of the band quickly pumped up the crowd. While the band played well, I could not help but notice that their songs weren’t quite as atmospheric or trippy as they sound on record. In this live setting, the songs were more charging and aggressive. Regardless, their set was well played and just as well received.


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