TORCHE @ Vacation Vinyl, Los Angeles (10/28/10)

TORCHE packed Silver Lake’s tiny Vacation Vinyl store on Tuesday and filled the room with massive volume. The now three-piece band celebrated the release of their new album, Songs for Singles, by performing the heavy, down-tuned yet surprisingly (and pleseantly) melodic new material in its entirety.

It was an early show that found PELICAN‘s Larry Herweg sneak in towards the end of the set and, with the help of others, convince the band to play a few more songs.

To top things off, the heavy metal food truck, Grill ’em All Truck, (which has recently been capturing a lot of buzz) was parked outside the store serving up some quality burgers with metal a’blaring from their stereo.

Anyways, a sweet video of (most of) the TORCHE in-store peformance was captured by user sonsolsylo. Watch it below:

[metacafe 5275758]

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