TURBONEGRO @ El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles, CA (5/25/13)

The Turbojugend were out in full force for the LA stop of TURBONEGRO‘s first proper U.S. tour in support of Sexual Harassment. The late arriving crowd salvaged what would have been a disappointing turn out by TURBONEGRO standards.  So after so many semi-legendary shows throughout the years in LA, what would the band bring with their new vocalist Duke of Nothing AKA Tony Silvestri?  Another awesome, special performance.

There’s nothing like the atmosphere of a TURBONEGRO vibe.  The aroma of alcohol and weed, smiling faces, and a general party feel can’t be beat.  As soon as the band hit the stage with “It’s Just Flesh,” the band and the crowd went off.  There was a healthy dose of the new album throughout the first 2/3 of the set.  And to be expected, the songs from Apocalypse Dudes as well as the mandatory, “I Got Erection,” aroused the most excitement.

TURBO were sharp and firing at full throttle.  And for everyone who feared that Duke of Nothing signaled the beginning of the Ripper Owens-era for the band, that fear was immediately put to rest.  The Duke of Nothing‘s vocals were excellent and he exuded the level of charisma needed to front these Norwegians.  Guitarist/keyboardist Pål Pot Pamparius‘ presence was missed though.  Additionally, former vocalist Hank Von Helvete‘s presence was felt in the spoken intro to “The Age of Pamparius.”

Did anyone spot the Duke of Nothing‘s doppelganger in the crowd?

The funniest part of the night came after the show outside El Rey Theatre as one concert goer asked her friends, “Is the singer gay?  Is the whole band gay?”  Mission accomplished.

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