VALIENT THORR @ The Echo, Los Angeles (10/16/10)

It’s LA Fashion Week here in Los Angeles and VALIENT THORR came to show off their denim Thorrier fashion with a hefty side of rock ‘n roll thrashin’ yesterday (Saturday) at The Echo in Echo Park.

Of course, VALIENT THORR really had nothing to do with LA Fashion Week, but the bearded beasts did put on a fiery rock party. Heads were a’bangin’, fists were a’pumpin’, bodies were a’sweatin’ and boats were a’rowin’ (see below)… all this despite the last minute, un-rock ‘n roll early show schedule change. I’m talking about 8:30pm early.

Touring in support of their recently released, Stranger, album, the band were firing on all cylinders. Valient Himself, always the quintessential frontman with beard-loads of quality between-song banter, at one point jumped into the crowd and engaged the audience in a row boat routine. You kind of had to be there for that. Eidan Thorr slayed as usual in the riff department, and new second guitarist Voiden Thorr definitely brought a more metallic touch to their already edgy AC/DC-meets-IRON MAIDEN-meets-the history of rock ‘n roll sound.

Check out some photos courtesy of Captain Sean and make sure to check out VALIENT THORR when they hit your town! Oh, and watch their new music video “Double Crossed.

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