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ABIGAIL WILLIAMS Debut EP Release Date Set

November 5, 2006

Candlelight Records has confirmed January 23, 2007 as the North American release date for ABIGAIL WILLIAMSLegend. The limited edition 5-song EP is the territory’s formal introduction to the Phoenix-based extreme metal band and coincides with the band’s first national American tour; the band participating on Candlelight’s upcoming (and highly anticipated) label tour featuring co-headliners DARK FUNERAL and ENSLAVED. Amassing an impressive quarter million hits to their MySpace page (this in under six months!), ABIGAIL WILLIAMS defy classification by taking the groove and melody of Gothenburg-styled death metal, face-smashing breakdowns of the hardcore scene and top it with the bombastic and epic-flavored frostbite of black metal’s evilest hordes.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS’ full length debut is planned for an early Spring 2007 release. Additional touring plans will be announced in cooperation with the album’s release date.