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ABSYMAL DAWN Post New Demo Track

October 28, 2009

Los Angeles’ ABYSMAL DAWN have posted a demo of a new song on their MySpace page. The band, who are busy looking for a new drummer while working on the follow-up to 2008’s Programmed to Consume, commented on their decision to preview new material so early:

“We’re really excited about this new track along with the other material we’ve been working on. It doesn’t have any vocals or leads put to it yet though, just guitars with a drum machine for people to get the basic idea. We thought we’d give everyone a small taste of what’s to come and show people what we’re currently looking for in a drummer. Plenty of capable drummers have shown interest in auditioning but we’re looking for someone that can take us a step further and play these new songs. Until we find the right person we’ll keep writing the most brutal and misanthropic metal imaginable.”

The band will be playing a show at The Whisky in Hollywood with VEHEMENCE and RECIPROCAL on November 19th. Visit the band’s MySpace page to listen to the demo track and stay up-to-date onĀ ABYSMAL DAWN news and tour information: