RITUAL KILLER, the new side project from Sammy Duet (ACID BATH, GOATWHORE) featuring Jordan Barlow (ex-CANCER PATIENT) on vocals and Zak Nolan (ex-GOATWHORE) on drums have announced that their new album, Upon the Threshold of Hell, will be released by Bloated Goat Records on June 14, 2005.

The initial idea came about in early 1999 when Zak Nolan laid drum tracks down and gave them to Sammy Duet to put guitars over. Years went by but the project was not forgotten. In early 2004, intense rehearsals began and Jordan Barlow was added to the band which is described to be in the vein of early 90’s underground black metal.

MP3s are available for download on the official RITUAL KILLER website:

Upcoming shows (with James Harvey ex-ROTFEST on bass):
06/05/05 – New Orleans, LA Hi Ho Lounge with ANAL BLAST
06/14/05 – Baton Rouge, LA Northgate Tavern with EYEHATEGOD, BURIED INSIDE and CATHOLICON
06/18/05 – Lafayette, LA Club Sin with POST and FLATBACK

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