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Additional Reasons Why CARCASS Rule

September 18, 2013

So today is the U.S. release date of CARCASS’ invincible comeback, Surgical Steel, and vocalist/bassist Jeff Walker issued this statement via Facebook to further prove why CARCASS rule:

“So? It’s like ‘D Day’ to us as far as the USA goes…believe it or not it’s NOT about the money - couldn’t give a shit -how much do you think I personally spent on all the med tools & weapons & material for the cover? How much time did me Bill & Dan put into this album? It’s about PROVING something - not only for the band-but for YOU…..CARCASS “fans” (I hate that word!) It’s more about sticking it to “the Man”, the mainstream & the fucking posers who have usurped our beloved music. I rest my case M’Lord…am gonna go watch the new Breaking Bad! (Jeff)”

Fuck yeah!