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AKERCOCKE Find A New Home In Earache

July 13, 2003

British black-metallers, AKERCOCKE, have signed a worldwide multi-album deal with Earache Records. Their first Earache release will be their new album, Choronzon, which will be out by year’s end. Vocalist/guitarist Jason Mendonca shared these words regarding the union:

“We are proud to follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as TERRORIZER, MORBID ANGEL and more recently DEICIDE by joining forces with Earache. It is fitting that our band should work with a label that has lead the way in promoting extreme music and we look forward to a productive partnership. We are also very pleased to be conspiring with Neil Kernon (NEVERMORE) to make Choronzon as punishing and massive sounding as possible. Beware! Choronzon is coming.”

According to Earache label manager, Dan Tobin, AKERCOCKE’s unique brand of music made them a good addition to the label’s roster. Here’s what Tobin had to say:

AKERCOCKE fit perfectly the Earache criteria of extremity in all areas. The band’s music is without question among the most challenging and innovative in the extreme Metal scene right now. Their insistence on high quality and their refusal to deviate from their chosen path is what makes the band so intriguing and so individual. We look forward to aiding Akercocke in spreading their Satanic majesty via the awesome new Chronozon album later this year.”

Following the release of Chronozon, AKERCOCKE will be hitting the road for some extensive touring in support of the new album. Stay tuned for details.