ALLEGAEON Busy Recording New Album

Colorado’s ALLEGAEON are currently in Flatline Audio studio with producer Dave Otero recording their upcoming album. New music and art will be made available as they are finalized, and fans can keep up with the band’s updates from the studio on Facebook and Twitter. The band will also be streaming live video chats throughout the recording process via Youtube.

Guitarist Greg Burgess comments: “We here in the ALLEGAEON camp are very excited to begin the process of putting our new record to tape. Returning to Flatline Audio with our friend and producer Dave Otero feels like we’ve come back home. With our newest additions of guitarist Michael Stancel, and drummer Brandon Park, we’re embarking on our most ambitious album to date.”

Bassist Corey Archuleta adds: “ALLEGAEON is a new machine…a better one. And finally, we are doing a new record. Not only are there the “million note a minute songs”, there are new grooves and great pieces fantastically put together by Burgess and Stancel. Hearty and robust symphonic compositions by Joe Ferris also accompany the album–and are beyond awesome. As 50% of the rhythm section, I am also beyond happy that Brandon Park is my other half on this album.”

Check out our review of their previous work of twin guitar melodic death metal, Formshifter.

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