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ANATHEMA: Exclusive Mp3 Download; Live DVD in the Works

May 18, 2006

ANATHEMA have posted a brand new song for download exclusively on the band’s website. The song called “Everything” (download) was originally intended to be released via iTunes along with two other new tracks. However the band have scrapped that plan to deliver the song directly to fans. The band, who are currently without a recording contract, issued the following announcement:

“Here we present a brand new ANATHEMA song called ‘Everything’.

“It has been recorded and mixed by the band, independent of any record company.

“We decided to give this song directly to the public as soon as it was finished, as a thank you to all those people who have kept faith with ANATHEMA and what we are doing.

ANATHEMA presently has no record deal.

“For this reason we have included a DONATE OPTION, where you can help the band by donating a small amount to the process of recording our new record.

“In return, we will present more songs for you to download over the coming weeks and months. These versions will be exclusive and not available anywhere else.

“Here is an opportunity for people to support a band directly, instead of filling the pockets of anonymous businessmen.

“The sentiment of this song is one of hope. Of truth. We are very proud of it. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

Visit the band’s website to make a donation (navigate to the news section).

Additionally, in a response to the now out-of-print Were You There? live DVD, ANATHEMA are working on another live DVD entitled A Moment in Time. The DVD is set to feature their live performance from the recent Metal Mania show which the band performed with the Baccus String Quartet. Of course there will be bonus feature as well including extra songs from previous shows in Poland and interview footage.