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ANATHEMA Plan to Release Two New Albums in 2008

February 11, 2008

The UK’s ANATHEMA have announced plans to release two new albums this year including a semi-acoustic album of older songs. The band issued the following update:

“We have taken all of our recording equipment to a house in England where we have built a studio and begun the first of two records to be released this year. The recording has been going very well.

“This first record is a semi-acoustic recording of many of our most loved older tracks. This will be released on Peaceville Records. The working title is Temporary Peace.

“The songs to be included on Temporary Peace are:

“’Angelica’, ‘Leave No Trace’, ‘Inner Silence’, ‘One Last Goodbye’, ‘Are You There?’, ‘Fragile Dreams’, ‘A Natural Disaster’, ‘Temporary Peace’ and ‘Flying’.

“The record will be a substantial work, arranged by Danny [Cavanagh] and performed and produced by the band, recorded and engineered by our own Les Smith, who was responsible for the recordings of ‘Everything’ and the other new songs released online last year.

“This will also feature the cello of Dave Wesling, who previously toured with Vincent [Cavanagh] and Danny in 2004 and is featured on the DVD A Moment in Time.

“It may also include a reworking of one or two classic tracks from the very early days of anathema.

“In late winter/early spring, immediately following the recording of this semi-acoustic album, we will enter a studio to record the next full length anathema album, which be produced by ANATHEMA and mixed by Steven Wilson, independently from a record company.

“Upon completion, the new album will be licensed around the world, giving us artistic and creative control and keeping the rights to the music in our own hands.

“All being well, you will see the release of two records from anathema this year. A semi acoustic classic tracks album, and a full length new album.

“Then touring”¦”