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ANGEL BLAKE Complete Debut Album

January 22, 2006

Former THE CROWN guitarist Marko Tervonen has finished recording the self-titled debut album of his new solo project, ANGEL BLAKE. Angel Blake released by Metal Blade Records on April 4th, 2006.

Marko: “THE ALBUM IS DONE!!!!!! Oh yeah!! And I must say I’m very happy with it! Expect the unexpected boyz and girls.”

Angel Blake tracklisting:
1. “The Force” 2. “Retaliate” 3. “Lycanthrope” 4. “Self ??" Terminate” 5. “Solitude My Friend” 6. “Autumnal” 7. “The Forsaken” 8. “Thousand Storms” 9. “Paint It Black” 10. “Till The End

All the instruments on the album are handled by Marko himself, unless otherwise mentioned. About the vocals the main man has the following to say: “Unfortunately there’s one thing I can’t do, and that is to sing. So my choice was to ‘rent in’ a guy who could deliver good vocals for my songs. One late night it hit me, I wanted Tony Jelencovich (ex-TRANSPORT LEAGUE) to do the vocals. I’ve known the man since years back. We’ve met during gigs and stuff, so I contacted him, and he was into it!!! Great!! Tony has a very cool rock voice with a lot of feel in it, and that just fits the music beautifully!! The combination of his vocal style and the music creates an original and powerful sound.”

About ANGEL BLAKE in general he states: “If THE CROWN was more about speed and aggression, then ANGEL BLAKE is more about heavy melancholic songs with catchy hooks. There’s no blast beats here. For a CROWN fan I would describe the sound as somewhere along the lines of: “Dead Man’s Song,” “Bow To None,” “In Memoriam,” “World Below,” “Death By My Side,” “Vengeance"…the heavier side of THE CROWN. And for someone who has never heard THE CROWN, I would describe it as influenced and inspired by bands as METALLICA, PARADISE LOST, DANZIG, SENTENCED, spiced up with some heavy MORBID ANGEL twists. And as mentioned before, with “NORMAL” rock/metal vocals! It’s definitely a unique sound!! Love it or hate it, that’s where my heart is right now.”

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