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ANGELCORPSE Frontman Provides Update on Comeback Album

January 26, 2007

ANGELCORPSE frontman Pete Helmkamp has provided the following update on the progress of ANGELCORPSE’s comback album, Of Lucifer and Lightning:

Helmkamp here. Everything is going great for the Of Lucifer and Lightning recording. John Longstreth has created some hammering drums for us to work with, and Gene and I are hard at work tracking guitars, bass and vocals for the album. We promise that Of Lucifer and Lightning will be the most extreme ANGELCORPSE album to date. Of course this sounds cliche and what every band might say after ’re-forming’ after several years, but we say fuck off to all of that: ANGELCORPSE has never been like those other bands and this album will certainly show that to be true. Beware: Antichrist Vanguards advance!”