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ANTIMATTER Busy On All Fronts

September 12, 2004

Recording and mixing is now complete for the English half of ANTIMATTER’s as yet untitled third album. Mick Moss recorded four tracks in mid July ("A Portrait Of The Young Man As An Artist," “Legions,” “The Weight Of The World,” and “Epitaph”), choosing to abandon all electronica and produce an all-natural session, complete with live drums and violins. As the album will essentially be an England vs. Ireland production (or Liverpool vs. Dublin), recording for Duncan Patterson’s half will take place at a later date in Eire (possibly Sept. or Oct. ‘04) , featuring guest musicians from that area. Patterson has already produced an early graphic design that will likely become the album’s artwork.

To coincide with the release of the album later this year, the band will be releasing a free virtual video EP for download from the band’s website. Tracks featured are live versions of “Saviour,” “The Last Laugh,” “In Stone,” and “Empty.” It is not known yet whether the format will be VCD (for use in DVD players) or simply CD-ROM.

In related news, the duo of ANTIMATTER will both concentrate on solo releases for 2005 following work on the upcoming ANTIMATTER album. Duncan Patterson’s DEATHCAP project was announced in 2002, and has been described as “post-acid horror, like the darker side of ANTIMATTER, only much more extreme.” The album will be released through Strangelight Records. In early 2004, Mick Moss announced his forthcoming solo album, The Immaculate Misconception, which can be described as “dark, soulful sometimes progressive rock reflecting a world full of disappointments.”