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ANTIMATTER's Mick Moss Provides New Album Update

December 16, 2005

ANTIMATTER mainman/guitarist/vocalist Mick Moss has been working hard over the last few months on the forthcoming ANTIMATTER album titled Leaving Eden (out on The End Records).

Moss comments on the style of upcoming album – the follow-up to the well-received Planetary Confinement that came out earlier this year ??" by saying:

“The album is written in its entirety now, if anything there’s minor fine-tuning to be done. I can say that it contains both the heaviest and lightest parts from any previous ANTIMATTER release. There’s certainly a sense of spreading the wings either side, going from what hopefully will turn out to be a ball-ripping segment to an almost country and western style track, yet still retaining that sense of identity that is ANTIMATTER.”

Adds Moss, “The album will be recorded at an unspecified date in the first half of 2006.”