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ANTIMATTER's Mick Moss Provides Studio Report on Leaving Eden

June 26, 2006

ANTIMATTER mainman, Mick Moss, has issued the following studio report on the progress of the band’s upcoming album, Leaving Eden:

“Things are moving very well regarding the recording of the new album. It’s hard working around the World Cup though, already the drums have been re-scheduled twice due to the England fixtures, and depending on whether we win Equador or not tomorrow there may even be another re-cheduling.

“Thematically, it’s a very spicy album, and I’m happy with the direction I’ve pushed things. There’s a lot more going on this time, moreso than Planetary Confinement, and this may please some people and alienate others. I’m making the album I wanted to make.

Danny [Cavanaugh] (ANATHEMA) popped in for a day last week and did some invaluable lead guitar work, I hope to get him back for a day after the drums are recorded.

“I’m glad I decided to record this album instead of being a pessimistic fuckwit and quitting after the various setbacks that have plagued the last 18 months, the album will yield some very playable tracks when I get around to putting a line-up together later this year.

“A tentative release period at the moment is October 2006.

“Cheers !