ANTIMATTER’s Mick Moss Provides Studio Report on Leaving Eden

ANTIMATTER mainman, Mick Moss, has issued the following studio report on the progress of the band’s upcoming album, Leaving Eden:

“Things are moving very well regarding the recording of the new album. It’s hard working around the World Cup though, already the drums have been re-scheduled twice due to the England fixtures, and depending on whether we win Equador or not tomorrow there may even be another re-cheduling.

“Thematically, it’s a very spicy album, and I’m happy with the direction I’ve pushed things. There’s a lot more going on this time, moreso than Planetary Confinement, and this may please some people and alienate others. I’m making the album I wanted to make.

Danny [Cavanaugh] (ANATHEMA) popped in for a day last week and did some invaluable lead guitar work, I hope to get him back for a day after the drums are recorded.

“I’m glad I decided to record this album instead of being a pessimistic fuckwit and quitting after the various setbacks that have plagued the last 18 months, the album will yield some very playable tracks when I get around to putting a line-up together later this year.

“A tentative release period at the moment is October 2006.

“Cheers !


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