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APESHIT Joins CircleTwitt, the New Metal Twitter Aggregator

September 2, 2009

APESHIT has been added to CircleTwitt, a recently launched metal Twitter aggregator that provides metal fans a single place to get their metal news and tweets.

Launched by Synhergy Entertainment and Lekberg Enterprises, the site gathers the latest tweets from metal personalities, bands, news sites, record labels, and more. Tweets are displayed in one convenient feed making it easy for users to get news directly from the world of metal. Readers don’t need to be Twitter users to use CircleTwitt, although the site allows Twitter users some additional features such as re-tweeting posts. CircleTwitt already has over 150 bands and industry twitterers, including APESHIT, with more being added regularly.

The site, which is also part of the Twitty 4 Hour News Network (T4HN), is currently working on releasing additional features that will allow users to leave comments on each tweet on the site. Soon, metal heads will also be given the opportunity be a part of the “circle pit” with all their favorite metal celebrities, bands, record labels, and more whenever the #circletwitt or #metal hashtag are used within updates on Twitter.

Check out CircleTwitt and APESHIT on CircleTwitt: