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ARCH ENEMY: Anthems of Rebellion Set for Summer Release

May 7, 2003

ARCH ENEMY guitarist/mastermind, Mike Amott, has revealed that their new album will carry the title Anthems of Rebellion. The follow-up to their highly successful Wages of Sin album will hit the streets on July 23rd in Japan (via Toy’s Factory), August 26th in the US, and August 25th elsewhere (via Century Media). Here’s what Mike had to say regarding the new album:

“The title of the new ARCH ENEMY opus is Anthems of Rebellion. There is a thread of ANTI-establishment and REBELLION that goes through all the songs lyrics and also the artwork, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a full-blown concept, that kind of stuff usually tends to get in the way of the music. I do think the lyrics are more focused and have a lot more ‘bite’ to them this time around. Musically, we have just focused on making the catchiest and coolest ARCH ENEMY music we could come up with! There’s an absolute abundance of HEAVY riffs, THICK harmonies, RIPPING solo’s, FRANTIC drumming and SICK screaming ALL OVER THIS ALBUM! The performances from the individual members are awesome! We are all so proud of each other!

“As far as the production goes, Andy Sneap really excelled himself on this one…it sounds thicker and more heavy than the last album. It really helped us a lot using Andy as a producer this time, he gave us a strong focus and made us work harder than we’ve ever done before. We have been known to be bit lazy and complacent at times (!?). Andy soon knocked that out of us and got all ARCH ENEMY members thinking like true soldiers of metal ??” it was hardcore!

“As usual, it’s hard to describe music in words. You will all be able to hear it soon enough anyway! I can tell you that personally speaking, as good an album that Wages of Sin really was, I firmly believe we have moved on from there and made something that is equally as strong, if not stronger! Anthems of Rebellion has got every type of feel and emotion that we want to have in our music…it’s beautiful and it’s ugly. And it’s very fucking metal.”

Additionally, the first pressing (worldwide) of the album will be bundled with a limited edition bonus CD, which will include exclusive live tracks (from 2002) and 5.1 surround sound mixes of selected Anthems of Rebellion tracks.