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May 3, 2004

In a bizarre turn of events, ARCH ENEMY have pulled out of the entire Weapons of Mass Destruction tour with MACHINE HEAD, 36 CRAZYFISTS, and GOD FORBID. This past week saw ARCH ENEMY miss opening dates after reportedly having problems securing a visa for frontwoman Angela Gassow and then settling things in time to join up beginning with their New England Hardcore And Metal Fest appearance, which they did perform at.

None to pleased, MACHINE HEAD offered their own statement on the situation:

“In what came as a complete shock to the MACHINE HEAD, perennial support act ARCH ENEMY have informed headliners MACHINE HEAD that they must pull out of the entire Weapons Of Mass Destruction tour because singer Angela Gossow broke a fingernail which had recently been through a vigorous French manicure.

“Citing work visa problems and strained vocals to the media, the troubles began for the German vixen when, upon raising her devil horns for the 349th time during ARCH ENEMY’s bizarre performance at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, her fingernail got caught in what could only be described as a metal-horned catastrophe. The members of MACHINE HEAD instinctively rushed to her aid, offering her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, after which the ever-benevolent MH boys granted the openers permission to miss a handful of shows while she recovered from what the metal diva claimed was ‘an extremely painful broken nail’. Unfortunately, word came from their management and booking agent today that the nail would need emergency manicuring and that only the best French manicurist in all of Sweden could perform the repair, thus resulting in the bands’ inability to complete the entire remainder of the tour.

“To the relief of no one in particular, not a single ticket holder asked for a refund.”

Expect a detailed statement from the ARCH ENEMY camp in the next few days.