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ARCH ENEMY Issue Apology; MACHINE HEAD Miss Show

May 8, 2004

ARCH ENEMY have issued an official but terse statement regarding their decision to pull out of the Weapons Of Mass Destruction tour with MACHINE HEAD, 36 CRAZYFISTS, and GOD FORBID:

“To the fans that were expecting to see ARCH ENEMY perform at these shows, the band offers their deepest apologies. To all the people involved in putting the tour together, the band regrets that they couldn’t make it work out. To MACHINE HEAD and the other performing bands, ARCH ENEMY would like to apologise and wish them a successful tour.”

Ironically, MACHINE HEAD, who slagged ARCH ENEMY for backing out, were forced to miss Friday’s show in Columbus, OH due to frontman Robert Flynn’s throat condition. Flynn explained the situation via a post on the band’s official website:

“As embarrassed as I am to say this, I’d like to apologize to all of the MACHINE HEAD fans who came from all over to see the Columbus show tonight. It’s all on me, man. My throat is fucked. We nearly pulled Cleveland last night, but I went to a throat doctor yesterday and he jacked me up on steroids, antibiotics, and 12 Ibuprofen, so I pulled through last night. It ain’t gonna happen tonight though. Brock [Lindow] from 36 CRAZYFISTS caught strep throat a few days back and we’re not sure if that’s what I have, but I can barely talk, let alone sing. I’m sorry if I let anyone down, it really is a bummer for us, especially in light of all the negativity that’s surrounded this tour.

GOD FORBID and 36 CRAZYFISTS will be playing tonight however, and all remaining dates will go on as scheduled.

“Again, I apologize sincerely, and thank you in advance for your understanding.”