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ARCH ENEMY Write on Tour; Michael Amott Jams with THE HAUNTED

November 12, 2002

While Michael Amott and his ARCH ENEMY bandmates are currently tearing up the road on a short North American tour, they have continued to funnel their creative juices in their off-time towards material for a new album. According to the band’s website, guitarist Michael stated the following:

“We’re writing a new record. We’ve got nine or ten songs. It’s sounding really heavy. We want it to be more intense than the last record. We’ve seen with a lot of other bands that are considered to be our peers, I think they kind of seem to be going in a softer direction. I haven’t heard much, but the odd track on a sampler or whatever, what people have told me, they’ve gone in that direction. So yeah, we just want to keep it intense. But its just going to be the same kind of progression we’ve had with every album. We just kind of pour all our creativity into it without really thinking about it too much. But we’ll basically stay heavy and intense.”

In the meantime, vocalist Angela Gassow is also getting busy with ideas for the new album in coaxing guitarist (and Michael’s brother) Chris Amott to track some clean vocals with Angela on the next record.

Lastly, Michael reported that he contributed a guest solo on THE HAUNTED’s forthcoming album, which was recently completed. “I just played a solo on the new THE HAUNTED album; that was really cool,” Michael commented. “Their new album is sounding frighteningly good (laughs). That was pretty scary, but I enjoyed playing on that. Me and Anders [Björler], the lead guitar player, traded off a bit, all in all a fun Sunday afternoon in the studio.”