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ATREYU's Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses To Be Reissued

January 11, 2004

ATREYU’s successful debut album, Suicide Notes And Butterfly Kisses, will be re-released on March 9, 2004 with new packaging and a companion DVD. Liner notes from the band, a live set from the Showcase Theatre, behind the scenes footage, videos for “Ain’t Love Grand” and “Lip Gloss And Black” and Cribs-style footage of the band’s homes are just a few of the DVD’s features.

Their much anticipated new album, The Curse, hits the streets this coming June. Produced by GGGarth (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, KITTIE, FROM AUTUMN TO ASHES), The Curse will be recorded in his studios in Vancouver, with assistance from veteran mixer Josh Wilbur.