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AVENGED SEVENFOLD: Fans Needed For Video

February 2, 2004

AVENGED SEVENFOLD are asking fans to participate in the re-shooting for the video of their song “Unholy Confessions.” The band posted the following announcement on thir official website:

“As most of you can tell by now there is definitely something wrong with the video for ‘Unholy Confessions’. We shot it over a month ago and just like most creative things, sometimes it turns out good and sometimes it turns out not so good. In this case we were not happy enough with the video to release it. For any of you that are disappointed, trust us we are 100 times more disappointed then you are.

“So we have decided to re-shoot the video for ‘Unholy Confessions’. This time there will be no concept, just a solid live performance and a lot of AVENGED SEVENFOLD fans. So we need a lot of your help with this because we want to make this special. We want a lot of AVENGED fans to participate. We need four or five main kids that will let us into their homes and video tape them getting ready for the show, promoting, driving to the show and just about whatever you do before you go out to a show. We also need as many kids with AVENGED SEVENFOLD related tattoos as possible to be in this. The live part will be taped at the Henry Fonda Theater show [in Hollywood, CA] on March 6th, 2004. This is not just a video shoot, this is a real show!

“So if anyone can help us out for the main actor parts or if you have an AVENGED SEVENFOLD tattoo, please send us a picture of yourself, why you think you should be in the video, and a picture of your tattoo (if you have one). Please send all of your info to and put ‘Avenged video’ in the title. If you just want to go to the show or if you wanna attend the video you can buy tickets at Ticketmaster. Lets make this big.”