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BETHLEHEM Resign with Prophecy Productions

March 8, 2013

With their album Dark Metal, BEHTLEHEM (founded in 1991) established the musical subgenre of the same name, and with their records Dictius Te Necare and S.U.i.Z.i.D., they are the founding fathers of Suicidal/Depressive Black Metal. More than ten years ago, they already cooperated with Prophecy to release their EP Profane Fetmilch lenzt elf krank (1999) as well as the album Schatten aus der Alexander Welt (2001). The group around Jürgen Bartsch now returns with a new contract Prophecy Productions.

The first mutual project of this newly forged alliance will be the release of BETHLEHEM’s seventh studio album. The as yet untitled work will be recorded in August/September of 2013 in Klangschmiede Studio E under the aegis of Markus Stock: the first of four albums covered by the contract.

Jürgen Bartsch has this to say about the renewed contract formation: “Our choice of label is based on knowing the person mainly responsible for it for many years – a foundation of trust not to be undervalued these days. As a plus, you are experiencing an artistic freedom with Prophecy Productions that has no rival – they are backing you 100%, and they are serious about it. We are absolutely convinced that this cooperation on an equal footing is going to produce many strange blossoms, as Prophecy vs. BETHLEHEM are just like chalk and cheese together.”