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BEYOND THE EMBRACE To Record Insect Song With UNEARTH Guitarist

December 5, 2003

BEYOND THE EMBRACE have set Insect Song as the album title to their forthcoming album. The band have recruited UNEARTH guitarist, Ken Susi, to produce the album in his own studio. Recording will begin this month and wrap up in mid-January. BEYOND THE EMBRACE vocalist, Shawn Gallagher, had this to say about Insect Song:

“I’m really looking forward to hearing what our next CD is going to sound like. Our new songs are much more involved musically than most of our songs in the past. I believe we’ve evolved musically, some of our new songs are heavier than usual and some are more rockin’ than usual. It’s definitely going to be a very diverse album for us and for Ken Susi as a producer. I feel that our three guitarists (Oscar [Gouveia], Jeff [Saude], and Alex [Botelho]) need to be heard individually among a tight mix and I’m confident that Ken will get the best mix and the best takes out of them as well as out of myself during the vocal tracking. I’m confident that the next BEYOND THE EMBRACE CD will sound huge and hit a lot of people harder than our debut CD, Against the Elements.”

Susi himself also commented on their forthcoming collaboration:

BEYOND THE EMBRACE are from Massachusetts so it’s a real honor not only to be recording a fellow Metal Blade artist, but also a band that’s from my area. I am hoping to get some great tones out of the guys and looking to pave the way for their first real release. I really want to set precedence not only for BEYOND THE EMBRACE and this album, but also to establish myself as a producer. I want to make sure that everything for this album is perfect. This is a great opportunity for me. I am looking forward to working with them.”

Insect Song will be the band’s second album for Metal Blade Records.