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Black Mark Records to Release Memorial BATHORY Collection

April 18, 2006

Black Mark Records, owned by BörjeBossForsberg (father of BATHORY mastermind Quorthon), will release a memorial BATHORY box set, In Memory of Quorthon, on June 3rd. It will contain three CDs, one DVD, a book and a poster. Quorthon died last June of heart failure.

Here are the details per Black Mark Records:
“A unique work, exhaustively and respectfully assembled in remembrance of the legendary founder of death metal and viking metal. For an entire year Boss collected and went through so much material that it took months until the project truly began to take shape. Boss used as much of Quorthon’s original material as possible ??” including his layouts, text and notes taken from the posted and unreleased material he left.

“The artwork: Painted by Kristian Wåhlin who closely followed Quorthon’s concept for a new BATHORY album cover ??” even if the new album itself was barely outlined at the time. Kristian began working on the new cover in late spring 2004, only weeks before Quorthon unexpectedly passed away. The painting Kristian gave us meant so much to Boss that he decided to use it for the memorial shirts and, of course, as the box sets cover art.

“The CDs: Boss personally selected the songs for the three CDs, which feature four of the finest hours of BATHORY and the great Quorthon. When choosing the tracks, Boss kept in mind Quorthon’s favourites, so you can be sure it is a compilation first of Quorthon’s favourites, and of Boss ??” selected from a very strong and diverse catalogue. In addition, you will hear BATHORY and Quorthon recordings you probably didnt even know existed. All music was remastered especially for the box set.

“The book - 176 pages. Only in the memory box set. Text written by Quorthon personally appears in italics. Besides lyrics, the book features BATHORY’s history, discography, background on the first recordings ??” with titles, years, studios, covers ??" and even a couple of photographs. Nearly all of this is from Quorthon’s and Boss’ own private archives.

“By popular demand, the DVD contains the first official commercial release of the legendary 11-minute video for “One Rode To Asa Bay,” as well as the MTV interview Quorthon did in London for the release of Hammerheart.

“The poster: Quorthon’s fire breathing.”

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