BORIS: Splits with 9DW and TORCHE Out in August

Japan’s BORIS have two separate splits scheduled for release in August. The first is a split CD with TORCHE, called Chapter Ahead Being Fake, on Daymare Recordings. The second is with 9DW, called Golden Dance Classics, via Catune. Golden Dance Classics will be released as a 12″ vinyl as well as on CD. Both splits will be out August 18th. Track listings are as follows:

TORCHE/BORISChapter Ahead Being Fake
1. “King Beef” (TORCHE)
2. “Luna” (BORIS)

9DW/BORISGolden Dance Classics
1. “Stingray” (9DW)
2. “Spice” (9DW)
3. “Akirame Flower” (BORIS)
4. “Tokyo Wonder Land” (BORIS)

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