BORKNAGAR Complete Epic; Post Mp3 Download

BORKNAGAR, who have laid low of late, have finally completed their new album Epic (view the album art here). The album is set to hit stores on June 29th in Europe. A North American release date is tentatively scheduled for some time in August. Epic clocks in at just under 58 minutes and contains the following songs:

01. Future Reminiscence (5:26)
02. Traveller (5:03)
03. Origin (4:58)
04. Sealed Chambers of Electricity (4:12)
05. The Weight of Wind (3:58)
06. Resonance (4:28)
07. Relate (Dialogue) (4:28)
08. Cyclus (5:25)
09. Circled (4:45)
10. Inner Ocean Hypothesis(5:10)
11. Quintessence (5:31)
12. The Wonder (4:16)

The album opener, “Future Reminiscence,” is available for download here.

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