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BORKNAGAR: New Album Details; Side Project Confirmed

November 16, 2002

BORKNAGAR guitarist, Øystein G. Brun, has revealed some details about the band’s follow-up to last year’s Empiricism album:

“The recording of our next album will start early next year. We estimate to use about 4-6 months to record the album, as we want to use the time needed to get the album as close to perfection as possible. The album will be recorded in the same recording facilities as last time [Fagerborg and Toproom Studios] with Børge Finstad behind the desk. Musically the album will be a continuation of Empiricism. Apart from that, we deem the right to keep the rest as a secret… he,he…. As of yet, there is no title for the album, but some song titles are ready: ‘Cyclus’, ‘The Inner Ocean Hypothesis’, ‘The Wonder’, ‘Quintessence’, ‘Future Reminiscence’, and ‘Relate (Dialogo)’.”

Brun also confirmed rumors of a side project with BORKNAGAR vocalist, Vintersørg, called ION. “ION has been an idea of ours for quite some years now,” Brun stated. “In spite of our involvements in respective band/bands, there is still some undicovered musical fields that we would like to discover through this co-existence. The project is solely rooted in our heartfelt exitement of creating and constructing music. Our musical expression thereof.”

The project won’t see any serious activity until next year and is currently not under contract with any label at this time.